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Month: December 2015

Data Collection For Novus Leisure

Data Collection For Novus Leisure

Data collection through giving away 30,000 cocktails. One Facebook app to achieve it. Novus Leisure Limited operate over 40 premium bars, restaurants and nightclubs in London and across the UK, with famous venues including Tiger Tiger, Foundation Bar, Jewel St Paul’s, Amber, Opal, Grace, Jewel Bar and Zoo. The goal was simple; give away 30,000 […]

Product Launch For JW Lees

Product Launch For JW Lees case study

Ale. A traditionally and curiously British drink. JW Lees saw an emerging national market and knew they needed to be in it. Manchester Pale Ale was created to target the younger, more fashion-conscious audience. And so Manchester Pale Ale (MPA) was born. build-up to launch MPA was still under-wraps from the public, although the behind […]