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Year: 2016

Beginners Guide to Facebook For Business

Beginners Guide to Facebook For Business Facebook

Beginners Guide to Facebook for Business Facebook for business is very simple and with user numbers constantly increasing it is becoming essential for businesses to have a presence on the social giant. The numbers speak for themselves; according to ExpandedRamblings there are over 1.52 billion monthly active users and 1.04 billion people log onto their Facebook daily […]

Airship Gains RAR Accreditation

Airship Gains RAR Accreditation RAR

We’re proud to announce that we’ve successfully been granted RAR accreditation. RAR is a Recommended Agency Register trusted by thousands of marketing professionals all over the world. To attain RAR accreditation we were required to get recommendations from our clients and they were happy to help us. Thanks to all of clients for helping us […]

Should You Always Connect?

Should You Always Connect? Networking

What does connecting to everyone on LinkedIn and Twitter say about your brand? The famous proverb states “You may know a man by the company he keeps”. In today’s market, many brands are judged by their audiences of fans, followers and connections. What does your following say about you? The average LinkedIn user could receive […]

How Can WiFi Drive Revenue in Your Business?

How Can WiFi Drive Revenue in Your Business? WiFi

Guest WiFi Is your business taking full marketing advantage of offering a great WiFi service? With the advent of smartphones, the appetite of customers for connectivity is insatiable and as content providers such as Sky, Spotify, iTunes, Netflix and BT ensure that their subscription services are available on all devices, WiFi experience has to keep […]

Twitter For Business

Twitter For Business Twitter

Twitter for Business – A beginners guide Twitter is one of the fastest growing social media networks in the world with 320m monthly active users and 500 million tweets per day on average. Impressive? We think so. Twitter for business can be an extremely useful tool for businesses who want to put their messages in front of […]

HELP! My Email Broadcasts Aren’t Getting Delivered!

HELP! My Email Broadcasts Aren’t Getting Delivered! Email deliverability

HELP! My email broadcasts aren’t getting delivered! Why it could be your SPF record – improving your email delivery through reputation. In this first part of our blogs on email delivery, we look at the importance of the SPF record and how it impacts the reputation of your IP address with the ESP’s. There are […]

Makulu – Evidencing Consumer Demand For The Product

Makulu – Evidencing Consumer Demand For The Product

Makulu are a South African based brand who sell a range of award-winning wines and accompanying spritzers. They stock something for everybody; from full bodied reds to light and fruity whites. Taken from the ancient Zulu language the word Makulu means ‘strong woman chief’ and was used to describe the great and distinguished females within […]

QAC – Branding

QAC – Branding

QAC are a consulting company who advise care homes on how to improve their services, and so it was important to them to develop a clean, approachable and professional identity. The ‘Q’ with the open door signifies their open approach to business, and the simplicity matches their company values. The brand was carefully developed taking into consideration […]