Airship Launch Gift Card Platform for Alexander’s Bar and Kitchen

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The Client

In the summer of 2017, Alexander’s Bar & Kitchen was born and took up residence in a Grade II listed building at the top Skipton High Street. Their menu boasts a range of international small plates and sharing boards, as well as an extensive drinks menu. They have developed a European inspired experience in which they would encourage their guests to spend hours socialising and grazing under their roof, offering a full day to night experience.




What We Do For Them

Airship provides a full CRM on a self-service basis. Airship has assisted the client in setting up their automated email journeys including the relevant templates.

Alexander’s also run the Airship gift card platform which you can see here.


Alexander’s joined Airship in August 2017 where they integrated with a number of Airship’s ‘friends’ for an integrated solution including Polaris for EPOS, Collins for their booking platform, Walkin WiFi for guest WiFi Access, and Airship for CRM, email broadcast, and gifting.

Their website is integrated with the Airship gift card platform and the ‘A Club’ sign up form is integrated into the client’s Airship CRM.

“We’ve enjoyed using both Airship’s CRM and Gift Card Platform since the opening of Alexander’s. From creating the bespoke email templates to assistance in setting up email journeys for prospects and customers, the team at Airship have been nothing but helpful.”

Ben Toomes, Marketing Coordinator


Airship’s Self Service Platform

This is our self-service platform where, following your training, you will manage your own marketing, build your own emails and plan your own campaigns. You will have access to our support team for help and assistance in creating your customer journeys and using the platform tools.


Further Reading

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