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Plug your table booking data directly into Airship and watch your database grow. Automate repeat visits, drive down lapsed customer rates and enrich your Proof of Presence insight data.


WiFi data can supercharge your customer database. Use our ready-to-go integrations and watch what the power of WiFi can do for your marketing automation.


Drive customer surveys from visit data for those that haven't yet left you any feedback. Get immediate insight with our plug-n-play integrations with leading feedback platforms.


Enrich your database with full purchase history and customer data with our pre-order and pay-at-table partner integrations.


Augment your existing loyalty programme and combine it with your other digital touch-points to get a 360 degree view of your guests.

Gifting & vouchers

Issue gift cards and vouchers to your guests to drive visits, and measure their effectiveness with full closed-loop redemption with the platforms you already use.


Bryony will walk you through all the different
ways we integrate with other platforms,
to support the hospitality sector.

“This year has been a strange one; full of interesting changes and challenges, but also a chance to make time for those backburner projects that we never had enough time for. Airship has been a great example of that and the team has been a dream. For the first time, in a long time, we feel like we finally have the tools in place to implement a proper strategy. So, bring on 2021!”

Megan Burton-Brown
Head of Marketing, Tortilla

“In a year where we have gone from barely any tech to rather spangly CRM system, Airship have been at the centre helping us build our database. From customised customer newsletters to helping us gain feedback via automated emails, it has been a real gamechanger for us to be able to talk to our customers, even when the doors have been closed. Adding to that the team at Airship are brilliant, super helpful and all round good eggs.”

Anita Atkins
Brand Director, Boston Tea Party

“As a CRM provider Airship has helped us to improve our guest journey, segment our database and increase engagement, which has ultimately driven improved visit frequency from our followers and revenue. Georgina, Luci and the team have been fantastic and really go the extra mile when it comes to support. If you are looking to review your CRM system, I highly recommend that you check Airship out”

Andy Smithard
Head of Sales, Tapas Revolution

“Getting onboard with Airship in lockdown has meant we have been able to come back out the gates in a better position. We now have the tools to get to know our customers in a more meaningful way, at a time where we have a lot to learn about changing behaviours. Excited for this next chapter with Airship"

Ruth Nye,
Anglian Country Inns

“As a business that’s almost 25 years old, we have a large database built up over decades of service and needed the right technology to help us innovate, connect and re-connect with our customers. Airship’s hospitality-focused system has opened up so many new possibilities for us, the team are so hands-on and always willing to come up with creative solutions. I wouldn’t trust my email marketing to anyone else!"

Alex Zeilinger-Goode
Head of Marketing, PR and Partnerships, Nobu