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Specialities: Pre-booked sales, Sales training, Sales consultancy

The Advanced Sales Network (TASN) provides a range of sales solutions to businesses in the hospitality industry, designed to transform prebooked sales performance.

TASN offers support at many levels: strategically advising and directing sales teams, where they already exist; setting up sales teams from scratch, where they don’t. We employ a variety of permanent and temporary consultants, at different levels, who can take on any sales challenge within an organisation. We identify new channels for sales growth, make improvements in reactive sales processes and conduct proactive sales drives. We recruit, train and develop sales personnel and provide ongoing mentoring to sales leaders.

TASN now works with a range of prestigious clients in the industry, was awarded ‘Best Leisure & Hospitality Consultancy’ in 2019 by Global Hospitality Awards and delivered the recent Pre-booked Sales Masterclass conference, on behalf of Propel.


2 hours free sales consultancy

A half-price 3-day sales ‘fitness review’