New business creation



Specialities: New Business Creation, Delivery, Commercial

I help foodservice businesses create significant, sustainable and profitable new business streams. As an example of what I do I’ve created a high 7 figure annual new business sales & profit stream for Krispy Kreme UK & Ire whilst taking them into new markets covering Leisure / Universities / On-demand food delivery / B2B / Festivals & Events / Weddings and Merchandising. I’ve been retained by them for 8 years and am currently MD of Strategic Partnerships. I’m less of a consultant and more of a freelance foodservice guy who works directly for a small number of clients. 

My entire working career has been spent in foodservice both in operations as well as marketing and business development – my clients find this mix of experience invaluable. I understand the need to innovate but also to be able to execute with excellence.


I’d be delighted to offer any food business 2 hours of my time to discuss any area of their business where I can help. I’ve also got a pretty decent network so if I don’t know I might know someone who does. 

  • Channel development – new market thinking and planning
  • On-demand delivery / delivery
  • B2B
  • New concept / business modelling
  • Partnerships / what’s successful  – what to avoid – potential relationships for your business
  • Coaching / mentoring / problem solving