June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
Business Development
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
Sales Consultancy
June 24, 2021

mindthegap provides advice, consulting and support to strengthen the senior teams of predominantly mid-market restaurants, bars and pubs.

With know-how and experience from start-ups, international growth and FTSE in multiple trading formats, we provide services across the whole gamut of technology benefits:

  • Technology Assessment – clarity of what you have in simpler business terms, gaps, missed opportunities, issues, size of prizes.
  • Business aligned Strategy
  • Review suppliers, services, architectures, contracts, support and costs.
  • Clarity and confidence on new technology adoption, benefits cases.
  • Coach, mentor, educate execs and in-house teams in business benefits of technology.

Assessment and strategy, missed revenue and cost opportunities, consumer digital, growth channels, operational efficiencies, over-arching systems and supplier architecture and robust plumbing are some of the common themes.

Everyone is at a different stage in their journey, and provide assessment, interim, strategic one-off & ongoing support to suit.

We fill the gaps that hold you back.