Zinc Technical Services
June 24, 2021
IT Strategy
June 24, 2021
June 24, 2021
Communication Hardware

Meet Zinc Technical Services: A Tech company that can help you with all aspects of your technical estate. Specialising in the hospitality industry they have honed their skills to implement tech-based efficiencies along with serious cost savings through implementation of technology within the hospitality industry.

We offer a modular approach to running IT estates where you can take as much or as little as you like.

With the world of tech ever evolving we like to focus on leading edge technology to suit your business, whatever the size. We always look to add value through implementation and have a nose for the right tech to support automation of your marketing, operations, accounting and general management of your estate.

If you opt for the Full Fat Zinc Approach we can audit, assess, plan and project manage your tech to make it world class. We help you to create efficiencies allowing you to focus on your core business whilst reaping the benefits of a modern, managed tech estate.


  • 1 hour free consultation. We will take your questions and come back to you with a solution.
  • Plans for reopening in the “new normal”. We can provide an easy to follow step by step guide to get your IT estate ready for reopening.