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Customer feedback - What is Revolution?

what is revolution?

Revolution Bars is renowned for being one of the most forward-thinking and technology driven specialist bar operators in the UK. Living up to that reputation, the team approached Airship and decided to ask their customers a big question: “What is Revolution?” They quickly settled on a format, and decided to go ask the question via a dedicated feedback microsite.

getting the message out

Airship are a long-standing partner of Revolution Bars; responsible for building up a staggering customer database. It was clear that in order to successfully drive customers through to the survey in a short time frame, Airship’s powerful segmentation algorithms were going to prove invaluable.

To begin, email invites were sent out to the most loyal customers across a broad range of target groups.

simple and enticing

The next challenge was how to engage with time-poor customers and entice them to complete what was quite a lengthy survey.

Those completing the full survey would be rewarded with a “2-4-1” automatically generated drinks voucher, so with some creative thinking, the survey was split across six screens with a fun visual indicator counting down the steps to reach the voucher.

Nevertheless, we still had to assume that we’d have a certain number of abandoned surveys. So we made sure each step in the survey was incrementally saving data, so we’d still have responses and an exit page flag for those who didn’t make it all the way through the form.

1. Entice with a 2-4-1 voucher.

2. Keep-it-simple by organising questions into a step-by-step process.

3. Engage visitors with a fun, unique and on-brand interface.

4. Deliver the voucher automatically on completion.

5. Encourage viral lift with a “send-to-a-friend” feature.

making it mobile-friendly

We anticipated a large number of email click-throughs from mobile devices, so we ensured that the feedback microsite was fully responsive and mobile-friendly. Revolution saw the benefit of our hard work as nearly 50% of site visits were on a mobile device.

mission accomplished

In just one week the site had over 8,000 visits, with over 3,000 survey respondents. With data analysis underway, the team at Revolution could start to answer the question of “What Revolution means” to their customers.

Airship plays a significant role in providing us with a measurable ROI and we consider Airship as an extension of our marketing department.

Andrew Windsor, Digital Marketing Manager, Revolution Bars

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