Sheffield University Alumni

The University of Sheffield's Alumni Volunteers programme offers the chance for past students to help current students by providing mentorship, support, and guidance. The programme gives both present and past students the chance to network and establish useful connections: past students can share their experience of a course, for example, and present students can update past students on new trends or discoveries in their subject. In this way, the University helps students - both past and present - to develop their skills and gain relevant insight in to their subject. It also provides them with professional opportunities as alumni offer a valuable network for future jobs and internships. 

We worked closely with the university to develop new design branding for the Alumni Volunteers programme. A simple logo is accompanied by a tagline, whilst the distinct colours and style differentiate it from other University designs. The overall effect is simple but striking, and works consistently well across different platforms and materials. 

The University hosted an event to celebrate all of the work done by the Alumni volunteers, so for this we altered the main branding to fit with the style of event. Colours were changed, and the layout made starker, in order to match the style of the event. 

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