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PowerText and Esvelte are now Airship.

Airship is the start of a new era. Since our inception in 2002 we've always been focused on the customer experience; developing tools that drive sales through intelligent database marketing. Now with our new products and focus on CRM we can extend that journey throughout the customer lifecycle to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

The following is a simple introduction to Airship, our new website will be online shortly.

  • Data

    We integrate with multiple partners and have transactional storage facilities for Campaign, Feedback, EPOS, Booking, Unique Code and Wi-Fi data. Our platform is scalable, robust and secure.

  • Engine

    Our engine has been built with our clients over 12 years and is where the magic happens, dynamically updating customer records with every interaction and sending out bound broadcasts based on multiple touch points and milestones. We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional customer experience that generates an increased ROI to other platforms.

  • Applications

    Running off the Engine we have applications that look after CRM, Guest Feedback, Website Design & Build, Booking & Enquiry Management, Gift Card Sales, Broadcast Management and our most recent development Team Talk that looks after internal staff communications and sentiment measurement.

  • Services

    Finally, our support team acts as an extension of your own team providing help and expertise as required. Whether on a local level to assist managers in making the most of marketing channels to top level strategy to drive your business forward always focused on your commercial goals.

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