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Capture feedback effortlessly

Automatically send your guests an email with a link to a pre-set feedback form, which will flow into your dashboard.

Another chance to opt-in

Sending Feedback emails gives you another opportunity to get your guests to opt-in to your email marketing, meaning you can begin to create personalised campaigns to keep them coming back.

Improve or reward

Use the rich data collected through Airship Feedback to understand your guests experience and reward your teams or identify where improvements need to be made.

Two months free!*

We're giving all our current customers Airship Feedback for two months, completely free, so you can experience how feedback can work for your business.




Do I need Airship Feedback if I already have a feedback partner?

No, you should continue to use your current feedback partner’s platform. Airship Feedback is intended to act as a stepping stone for those who do not yet have a feedback platform but would like to explore the possibility of one.

How does Airship Feedback help me to capture opt-in data?

You do not need to have your guest's opt-in permission to send a feedback email. By sending guests feedback emails, it gives you another opportunity to ask them to opt-in to your marketing. This will be captured in Airship, and you can begin to create unique marketing campaigns for these customers.

What is a ‘Guest Sentiment Score’?

A ‘Guest Sentiment Score’ is a rating from 0-10 giving you an insight into the guest's experience, and how likely they are to recommend your brand to their family and friends. Click here to see how your Guest Sentiment Score is calculated.

Can I request feedback after a guest visits?

Yes! Airship Feedback is designed to capture your guest experience as soon as possible. We can trigger emails a certain amount of time after we have Proof of Presence such as making a booking, logging into WiFi, or redeeming a voucher.

What kind of feedback can I collect?

You can collect anything from ratings on your food, drink, and service, to your Guest Sentiment Score, and any additional comments that your guests might have about their experience, and the location they have visited.

Can I capture feedback for a specific location?

Yes, guests can choose a location that they'd like to give feedback for. Click here to find out more.

If someone has already left feedback, is it possible to exclude them from automated emails?

Yes, it is possible. Guests who provide feedback will be moved into a new segment, which can be excluded from any future feedback emails around that particular visit.