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Automate Your Marketing

Get instant ROI by using our platform to personalise and automate communications with your customers.

Joiners & Birthdays

Greet your customers and welcome them to your brand. Say happy birthday and reward them for their special occasions.

Interaction Triggers

Trigger communications when your customers make purchases, log-on to WiFi, leave feedback, make bookings, reach milestones and many more.


Don't let your customers lapse. Automate their re-engagement with our built-in retention tools.

Broadcast & Segmentation

Powerful search, segmentation, email & SMS broadcast tools built directly into the platform.

Search & Segmentation

Filter, search, include, suppress and refine. Find the most engaged customers for your content.


Build beautiful, responsive emails directly in our platform.


Discover the power of SMS & quickly get your message out.

Single Customer View

By connecting all your data sources, Airship becomes your Single Customer View.


Apps & Modules

Use your existing providers or get up and running with ours.
  • Gift Card
  • CRM
  • Feedback


More than support, our studio team are on hand to help you get the most out of our platform and offer expertise in strategy and creative to make more of your data.

When you join us, you’ll get a flexible studio retainer which you can use when you need it – we’re always on hand to leverage a great database.

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