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I don't have the resource, how much support can I get?

Our support team is, quite simply, incredible. Airship was built specifically for hospitality and we know that means that resources can be tight, so we offer unlimited video call, telephone or emails support. Whether that be during your onboarding, or after you've been with us for many many wonderful years.

Can I get a demo?

Of course! Our team would love to show you around the Airship platform, and discuss how it might work for your brand specifically, including how we integrate with your other existing tech platforms. Just fill in our demo form here:

Why is the pricing per location?

Our pricing is dependent on the number of locations you have, but it will always be a fixed fee per month. So you can grow your database, and send as many communications as you wish without incurring any additional fees. You can see our fixed pricing below.

What's involved in the onboarding process?

We'll introduce you to a member of our onboarding & customer success team, who will hold your hand throughout the 4 - 6 week onboarding process. From moving your data over, plugging in your integrations, to helping you set up your automated email journeys.

Who do you integrate with?

Everyone! Well not far off... we integrate with the best platforms across hospitality WiFi, bookings, gift cards, order & pay, loyalty, EPOS, feedback, and even photobooths. If we don't work together already then just introduce us and we'll see what we can do.

What if I have the same customer in my database twice, do you merge this data?

Absolutely, we overlay all of your data on each customer, to create a single customer view. Giving you a full picture on how many times they visit, on which days, and overlaying it with any of the data we can pull in from your integrations.

Can I set automated emails to go to guests on their birthday?

Of course. Automated journeys are a huge part of Airship - the platform will send out personalised emails & SMS messages on your behalf, even whilst you sleep. Birthday emails, welcome journeys, anniversary reminders, lapsed customers... we've got you covered.

Can I build my emails in Airship as well?

We introduced a brand new drag'n'drop email builder recently allowing you to create whatever email styles or templates you wish. With a built-in image library & editor, and the ability to include dynamic content so that each email is personal to the recipient.

Can you integrate with a tech partner I work with?

If they're willing to work together, then we are too. Your hospitality CRM is only as strong as the quality & quantity of the data flowing into it. Just introduce us to your partner and we'll take it from there.

Can I start on just one venue and add more later on?

Scaling with us couldn't be easier! Just let us know about your new location and we'll add it to your automated journeys & forms, plug in your integrations, and then we'll do our own quality assurance before sending it out into the wild!

What is PoP?

PoP stands for Proof of Presence, meaning we track each time a customer reveals that they're in venue; so you can track visit frequency & guest loyalty. Each time someone logs onto the WiFi, books a table, uses your order & pay app, leaves feedback or redeems a voucher (for example) we know they're there. You can then chat with people differently based on how often they visit.

What if I can't use the platform?

The platform is super simple and built for hospitality, so don't worry. We'll train you on everything you need to know during onboarding, and you can just ring us if you ever get stuck. Also we have regular ‘Flight Plans’ where experts talk you through various aspects of the platform, and helps you set them.

Can I collect guests' phone numbers and text them as well?

Of course! Collect mobile numbers in your form or integrations, and that information will be included in a guest’s details. You can then use Airship to send out SMS directly from the platform.

Do you integrate with my epos?

We integrate with some EPOS on varying levels. Take a look at our integrations here.

How do I know if I'm being GDPR compliant?

Here at Airship, we know a thing or two about data - we’ve been doing this for a long time! We’ve built our platforms with data security and legislation (including GDPR!) into the fabric of the platforms.

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