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Send out automated communications

Our email and SMS builder allows you to update your teams on news in your world.

Use our platform to say hello, say goodbye, wish them a happy birthday, thank them for a year of hard work...pretty much whatever you like.

Reward, reward, reward

Airship teams means your team can use Airship Loyalty. Loyalty is a managed digital wallet, that enables you to send out little gifts to thank your team for their hard work or loyalty (or even just for the hell of it), whilst allowing them to have a centralised hub for all their rewards.

Set on up

Use Airship Teams by connecting your people management system, and then segment your people into departments, employment type, contract length, in order to send out vouchers.

Introducing: Airship Teams

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Nor is there Airship in ‘team’. But at least now, there should be no team, without Airship. Airships Teams isn’t a million miles away from Airship CRM. By that, we mean it only lives a few doors down at your HR Department. The same communication smarts of Airship are now...

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What is Airship Teams?

Airship Teams plugs into your existing workforce management software and works as the thing that sends out automated and ad-hoc comms and rewards to your staff. A staff comms engine, if you will.

Can I automate messages?

Yep, you can set up all sorts of automated emails and SMS so you can communicate to your staff in a personal way, without you having to lift a finger. Things like: job change, work anniversary, birthday - drop them something nice!

Can I give staff rewards?

You certainly can, it’s a big part of what Airship Teams is all about. Give each member of your team a digital wallet that contains all their available perks.

How much does it cost?

Check out our pricing here.

What kind of things can I do with Airship Teams?

Talk to your staff in any way that suits you. Send out newsletters, automate onboarding journeys, provide a digital rewards wallet.

Can I track engagement?

You can report on the opens, click and redemptions (if you’ve sent rewards) on all communication you send out.

Can I use Airship Teams for my newsletters?

Absolutely, create beautiful, branded newsletters with our easy drag and drop email builder. Send them out to all, or build up staff segments.

Who do you integrate with?

We’re always adding to the systems we integrate with, so check out our integrations list here.