January 16, 2023

Introducing: Airship Teams

Introducing: Airship Teams

There is no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Nor is there Airship in ‘team’. But at least now, there should be no team, without Airship. 

Airships Teams isn’t a million miles away from Airship CRM. By that, we mean it only lives a few doors down at your HR Department. 

The same communication smarts of Airship are now available for you, and your teams. It’s internal communications, but designed for the hospitality sector. So you can now get in touch with specific departments, seniority levels, new starters, specific regions: both quicker and easier. 

Here’s how it works:

Integrate your people management software.  We integrate with your people management software to give a live database of all your employees. 

Set up automated communications. You can send SMS or emails to your team, just like a welcome or birthday journey. Perhaps you’ll want to greet them to the team with a congrats SMS, give them a little something on their work anniversary, or you can email over their training videos, so they have plenty of time to get up to date on all the latest internal news, events and processes. 

P.s - They don't always have to be automated, maybe you need to send a one off email or SMS thanking them for a great week, for example. 

Reward them all.You can use Airship to give your teams a little token of affection, all within a slick digital wallet Perhaps you’ll include a £10 Toggle card in your staff’s birthday journeys. Or maybe you’ll give them their Christmas party drinks spend via Airship Teams. Whatever it is…. you now have a simple and seamless system to do so. 

Want to get started? to get set up, go here: https://airship.co.uk/airship-teams

See how it works for yourself

The Joiner’s Kitchen is our fictional restaurant with a very real digital guest journey. Head over there, sign up, and experience the basics of what Airship can do for yourself.

Check it out