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Let the tech do the work for you

Set up some beautifully automated email journeys, that'll minimise your workload but still getting the job done

Understand your guest visits

PoP is a pretty ground breaking technology that tells you how often, where and when your guests have visited. Across your estate, you’ll be able to understand how your marketing is affecting footfall in your venues with a host of powerful metrics.

Build guest journeys

Build a variety of journeys for your customer to travel along: welcome them to your brand with a series of emails; let them know what you've got on offer for their birthday; throw your hat in the ring for their anniversary. Design, write, target, automate.

Automate away

Our tech is designed to make life easy. Minimal intervention required. Once you have built your journeys and segmented your database - all you have to do is set it live, knowing that your guests are being spoken to in the right way, without you lifting a finger.

See it for yourself

Get a taste of what your customers will see. The Joiner’s Kitchen is our fictional restaurant with a very real digital guest journey. Head over there, sign up, and experience the basics of what Airship can do for yourself.

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