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Automated Journeys

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Personalised, contextual emails and SMS sent to your guests while you do, well, anything else. All day or all night, the comms never stops.

Buckle up, the possibilities are endless.

Welcome Journey

Super simple, and super powerful - it’s what your guests expect. Welcome journeys are a series of emails triggered from the first time that a customer joins you, whether thats: signing up through your website, or opting-in when booking or leaving feedback. Use Welcome Journeys to tell your guests all about you, introduce your team, your product provenance, and give them a treat to get them to visit you.

Birthday Journey

Bon Anniversaire! A birthday journey is so simple, but incredible profitable. An annual set of emails sent around a guests birthday to encourage them to spend their special day with you!

Take a look at just how successful Birthday Journyes can be here!

Anniversary Triggers

Sort of like a Birthday Journey, but for any of your guests’ chosen special days (such as an anniversary).

Make them look as special as your customer's special occasion will be, and then remind them to book a table with you for the big day. Dinner and a PA, all in one.

Dynamic Fields

Welcome journeys, Birthday journeys and Anniversary triggers are our - shall we say - pre-packaged journeys.

‘Dynamic Fields’ are slightly different. Any set of data you already gather, that can be used to build a different type of journey.

Think: updating loyalty points balance, dietary preferences, visit counts and interaction dates. Tortilla, for example, created an email journey that was specifically for a demographic with certain dietary preferences. They created emails that promoted vegan promotions to bring specific audiences. Click here to read all about it!

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