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Here is what our customers  are saying about us.

Tom Mcmanus
Strategy and Business Development Manager at McManus Pubs

'Given the high amount of digital touch points throughout our customer journey, we wanted to introduce a robust system that would help us understand and use the data we collect in the most effective way possible. We decided to partner with Airship & Toggle because the functionality of both platforms will help take us to the next level when it comes to providing our customers with more relevant, targeted information and offers.'

Vicki Phimister
Marketing and Communications Manager at WelcomeBreak

'With 85 million customers at year stopping with us, we wanted to introduce a CRM system that would help us to better understand our customers and give us the platform to talk to them in the most efficient and engaging way. Airship are true experts in this field and this partnership takes our customer relations to the next level.'

Izzy Landon
Head of Marketing at Cubbit House

'It was an absolute no brainer to join Airship, these guys are experts at what they do and they have proven they are true hospitality hereos during the pandemic. Their support network feels like it is working with part of your own team.'

Megan Burton-Brown
Head of Marketing at Tortilla

'The Airship team has been a dream. For the first time, in a long time, we feel like we finally have the tools in place to implement a proper strategy.'

Sophie Evans
Head of Marketing at London Cocktail Club

'When picking a new CRM system, I instantly gravitated towards Airship as their integrations are great and their Proof of Presence tool is incredible.I can’t wait to really start utilising its features to support our digital innovation plans.The system is set up ready to support our growth plans and really understand our customer data as well as supporting our marketing strategies moving forward. The process and on boarding was so smooth and the team really helped me in ensuring we were set up for success. As well as this, I can’t wait to really start utilising its features to support our digital innovation plans.'

Tom Patrick
Marketing Director at Provenance Inns

‘Toggle and Airship have simply transformed our marketing strategy. Although this is the 3rd time I've onboarded both, the changes and developments they have invested over the last 5 years means that we can understand our customer more, and ultimately convert our emails into visits. Using targeted emails based on Airships PoP has allowed us to not only increase our SPH but has also allowed us to drive reactive sales and bums on seats! It’s been worth every penny, and has paid for its self over and over again in the short time we’ve had it.’

Sarah Rippon
Marketing Manager at Wingshack Co

'Switching to  Airship has been a significant move for our brand. We are now able to get clearer understanding of our aundience and can communicate with them in a much more targeted way. The platform has many dynamic features and integrations that will assist us as we continue to grow the brand. We are looking forwrad to our journey onboard with airship.'

Anita Atkins
Brand Director at Boston Tea Party

'In a year where we have gone from barely any tech to rather spangly CRM system, Airship have been at the centre helping us build our database. From customised customer newsletters to helping us gain feedback via automated emails, it has been a real game changer for us to be able to talk to our customers, even when the doors have been closed. Adding to that the team at Airship are brilliant, super helpful and all round good eggs.'

Caroline Williams
Pub Marketing Manager at Shepherd Neame

'When we came to evaluate CRM platforms to support our digital strategic objectives, Airship stood out as an inspiring and collaborative partner with a tested track record. Working in the platform is intuitive and whenever we needed support Airship have been quick to help.'

Lyndsay Anderson
Marketing Director at Dirty Bones

'We looked at a number of CRM and Voucher partners but what we loved about Airship and Toggle is their focus on the hospitality industry. They get it. They love it. They feel like true partners that we can grow with.'

Mark Warburton
Managing Director at OHH Pubs

'Working with Airship to date has been a real eye opener to the world of Data. I had used the last 15 months to take stock and look at my business and re-evaluate what is important to my ambitious growth plans. Everything came back to DATA!! This is just the start of an exciting journey with an industry leader.'

Ross Allsop
Brand Director at Coach House Inn & Dancing Moose

'So the reason we’re using Toggle & Airship is because they offer a fully integrated solution with our EPOS system & social Wifi allowing us to create a state of the art marketing hub for our hospitality business that can rival that of our much larger competitors. The team have a been incredible during the set-up, coping eloquently with every request we throw there way, we look forward to a long working relationship with Airship & Toggle!.'

Victoria Mak
Marketing Executive at Grosvenor Pubs
& Inns

'A great customer experience is impossible without ongoing and meaningful communication. We feel Airship’s support will help us create personal relationships with our customers, determine their needs and capitalise on improved customer relations. We are so excited to be on this journey with Airship!'

Tom Patrick
Head of Sales & Marketing at Escapism Bar Group

'Really impressed so far, all of our customer data is now in one place and the integration between Toggle & Airship is a real bonus. An integrated email and gifting platform is vital to future proof any hospitality business.'

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