May 31, 2023

Airship and Wireless Social Partner Pilates session

Airship and Wireless Social Partner Pilates session

We did it again! Wireless Social have joined us for our second Partner Pilates session!

We want to ensure we’re always Better Together, and that our mutual customers (not exclusive though, our pilates doors are open to all!) are using the integration to its fullest potential. Sam and Bryony were joined by Zoë Knowles, Wireless Social’s Chief Customer Officer, to run through tips and tricks to maximise repeat visits and customer loyalty using guest Wi-Fi- powered email campaigns and automations!

If you’ve ever found yourself with mountains of customer data captured through the WiFi but not sure how to have it automatically turn into repeat visits or increased spend, then this is the video for you.
Watch the session where this wonderful trio ran through how you can find ways to strengthen your ‘core’ customer base with loyalty!

Watch it in full here:

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