We’re always looking for new ways we can help our clients solve a problem, and we reckon this one is a good’un. Unique codes are a great way of measuring the success of email campaigns, delivering real value to your customers and arguably most importantly, controlling the use of each promotion. Simply input the unique code into your till and hey presto, the promotion will automatically be applied. But what if you don’t have a till integration we hear you say? Let us talk you through our solution.

Our alternative allows a brand to send out an email containing a promotion. When the customer clicks to take advantage of that promotion, a digital voucher will be assigned containing a code which they can activate when at the till and it will automatically expire after 30 seconds. That’s right, a live 30-second countdown. Pretty thrilling. Once the promotion has been used, it will automatically ‘expire’ ensuring the offer can only be redeemed once.  

Let’s show you a little demo.

The new feature is fully trackable. You can see how many visits the offer has generated and what time of day. This can help you shape future marketing efforts and give those who haven’t visited a nudge to do so. Running a campaign using this mechanic will help to increase footfall and gain insight into what your customers respond to. It’s a pretty neat feature. Bringing the ease and intuition of unique codes, and making it accessible for everyone.

If you’d like to find out we could implement this for you, get in touch today.