From planning through to implementation, Weave and Airship worked together to relaunch Byron’s Burger Club platform. This involved working as part of their in-house team to understand existing performance and data points and then develop a robust CRM strategy and new platform which would meet long-term growth objectives of the business.

The Client

Byron started back in 2007 with one mission, to do a simple thing, and to do it properly. They serve delicious burgers, made fresh from the best ingredients possible. Fast forward 12 years and they now boast 52 locations, have rolled out a fantastic vegan menu using Beyond Meat patties and have welcomed Sophie Mitchell, renowned Chef and Food Writer, as their new Food and Drink Director in July 2019. 

The Task

Airship and Weave were tasked with planning more effective, cost-saving communication through robust segmentation and targeting. Byron wanted Airship to integrate with existing platforms to achieve a single customer view, give an accurate measurement of campaigns and long-term customer value, and be provided with a one-stop-shop for strategic support and ongoing technical help.

What We Did

We kicked off with a discovery session to understand existing data points and insights, competitor review and audit of current comms. We also held a workshop to develop new customer journeys with the objective of driving engagement and commercial value. 

Byron was fully integrated with Airship’s CRM platform within 4 weeks which included liaising and integrating with existing partners, design and copy write new campaigns, writing store briefs and training materials.

We completed the task by launching new welcome, birthday and re-engagement automated email journeys.

“Switching to Airship’s CRM platform has enabled us to integrate multiple data sources and implement much more engaging and effective campaigns. The strategic work upfront gave us the insight and confidence to introduce new automated welcome and birthday journeys that drive visits. Airship & Weave worked seamlessly with our internal teams to plan, implement and brief the platform change”

Denis Lak
Head of IT, Byron Burger