November 29, 2021

An Insight Into Marketing Objectives

An Insight Into Marketing Objectives

Using Insights to Develop Marketing Objectives

Airship have recently added ‘Airship Insights’ to their portfolio of services further enabling hospitality, retail and leisure operators to develop their market segmentation and exceed marketing objectives.James Coldrey-Mobbs, Head of Insights at Airship, explains that the service delivers data-driven market segmentation and marketing analytics to help develop marketing strategy and decision making for multi-site hospitality, leisure and retail operators.These insights enable Airship clients to enhance their interactive marketing strategy and create one-to-one conversations with their customers that drive sales, frequency, engagement and loyalty which all lead to exceeding marketing objectives.

Insight into Market Segmentation

Collecting data from email broadcasts, WiFi sessions, loyalty schemes, online bookings, social media and other customer touch points and aggregating them into the Airship CRM platform means that Airship Insight can dissect all of the relevant information to develop clear, concise and insightful market segmentation, such as:

  • How do read and click rates differ by gender, by age, by location?
  • Which subject lines work best for certain groups of people and for certain campaigns?
  • How long after people receive an email broadcast do people actually show a sign of life in the venue through a WiFi session?

Using this market segmentation enables Airship to provide recommendations to clients around how to enhance their marketing strategy and exceed objectives.

Interactive Marketing on the Rise

Interactive marketing, often referred to as one-to-one marketing, is where a marketing strategy is tailored for each customer based on their actions and responses to certain stimuli. The benefit of interactive marketing is that this trigger-based approach is often dramatically more effective than traditional direct marketing.As an example, by integrating with an operator's WiFi provider, Airship can automatically ‘tag’ people into certain groups, further enabling market segmentation. To put that in context, we group together data sets of people that have a WiFi session whilst in a specific venue during a certain event; be it live sport, a student night, live music or any other type of event. This means that the next time a similar event is on, we can use that market segmentation to enhance the interactive marketing strategy and provide individuals with content that we know they have an active interest in.According to a recent whitepaper from Teradata across 221 global marketing professionals:

  • Only 29% of companies analyse their customer data and behaviours across all channels.
  • Only 24% of companies regularly analyse and update available data to adjust their overall campaign and marketing strategy.
  • Only 41% of companies have digital campaigns that are automated to respond to customer behaviour and preferences.

By using and analysing the data we collect, Airship can create customer journey strategies, targeted at certain individuals or groups, which often see an increase in customer profitability, campaign conversion rates and assist with exceeding marketing objectives.(Statistics taken from: ‘The Marketer’s Guide to Building a Successful Omni-Channel Digital Marketing Strategy’ from Teradata)

Producing an ROI From Marketing Activity

Everything in the Airship CRM platform is measured and tracked, meaning the often elusive ‘return on investment’ figure can be clearly identified. By tracking how many people received a certain broadcast (based on clear market segmentation), then how many people clicked that broadcast, how many people made a booking and then how many people had a ‘sign of life’ in the venue through a WiFi session or a loyalty swipe, we can prove an accurate ROI against marketing objectives.In addition to this, by adding further insight to the campaign, we can conduct marketing analysis to understand how the marketing objectives can be met further. This could be achieved through adding personalisation to the broadcast, changing the send time, changing the subject line or any other number of possibilities.Wherever you look and whatever you read the evidence suggests that market segmentation and interactive marketing are the future of overall marketing strategy. Clear, concise and data-driven insight is often the key to achieving and exceeding your marketing objectives.To find out how Airship Insight could help exceed your marketing objectives, conduct market segmentation and enhance your interactive marketing, get in touch today.