May 1, 2024

April's Pinch Punch

April's Pinch Punch

Spring has finally sprung, and April has been quite the whirlwind, let's delve into the highlights:

📈Time for the numbers!

📨 Throughout April, an impressive 47 million emails hit inboxes with an average conversion rate of 21.5%! 🤩 

🚀 New additions to the Airship family

The family is growing again! In April we welcomed the likes of Maazar, Pizzarova and Seven Bro7hers who are one step closer to making their Airship debut.

Shoutout to our newest recruits for hitting the ground running and diving headfirst into the Airship adventure! Trafalgar Tavern, White Lion Western, Halloumi, Kilmurry, Olive Branch, The Star Lingfield Inn, The Buyers Club, Diecast, Brooks Group and Tottington Manor🌟

It's been an absolute blast seeing our Airshippers jump right into the treasure trove of insights packed within our Boardpacks and hopping aboard the automation train helping them to encourage an increased footfall to their venues without even having to lift a finger! 🚂

🏃 Airship in action!

This month, we saw our Head of Commercial, Luci, host a fantastic webinar with Feed it Back. She shared all the insider tips on leveraging Airship and Toggle to distribute incentive vouchers effectively through Feed It Back. Intrigued? Head over to Feed It Back’s page for some golden nuggets of wisdom straight from Luci and Feed It Back’s Head of Client Services, Lisa Campbell👉 Check it out here: 👉

But wait, there’s more! Luci has also been nominated for the Miss Jones Group’s ‘Best Personality in the Hospitality Industry’ award! We’ve got everything crossed for her 🎊

Last month we also debuted the results that  Market Halls have had since starting their journey with us. We love shouting about the wins our customers keep having! They’re even sharing a 25% discount, if you sign up here 👉 

✈️ Our Airship Captains

This month, our very own Frank completed his apprenticeship and took on a full-time role in our customer success department. Huge congrats!

And not only this, Grace who you may know from our support team has now moved over to our marketing department as a full time Marketing Executive!

🤫 Psst... You might have caught wind of our latest booster announcement a couple of days ago. Meet ‘Feedback’, Airship’s latest drive to enrich your database even further! 👉

We've got plenty up our sleeves for May, so keep your eyes peeled. All will be revealed...

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