September 1, 2023

August's Pinch Punch

August's Pinch Punch

Google Dictionary defines ‘August’ as ‘respected and impressive’ - which is how we define our August too. Here are some of the highlights 👇

📍 As far as Augusts go, it was a record-breaker here at Airship & Toggle, with 35 new brands joining us! Which includes one very exciting brand that has sworn us to secrecy (for now). We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming Flight Club Darts, THE PORTOBELLO PUB COMPANY LTD, Bill's Restaurants, Anglian Country Inns, Cairn Group, STK Group (Brisbane), MUSU Manchester, Gilda Bakery, Market Halls, and over two dozen more to our platforms.

📍 23 new brands completed their onboarding and went live. Including Malhotra Group PLC, Robinsons Brewery, Peaky Blinders Manchester, AIM Pubs LTD, Shelter Hall, Chestnut, Graffiti Spirit Group, MERCHANT LEISURE LIMITED & Heavenly Desserts UK… and that’s not even half of them.  😎

📍 Our partnerships this month have been key for us in tailoring our platform and making it more specialised for a variety of particular uses. Our S4labour integration now means that your staff data can be automatically fed into us, and used to target your teams with automated, personalised and accurate comms. Feed It Back now feeds purchase information into Airship too, which gives you a whole new level of depth, when taking feedback from your customer database.

📍 August saw £2 million of gifting spend being sold on Toggle. That’s A LOT of beer-garden pints!🍻

📍 Airship saw a whopping 41 million emails being broadcasted to the world, with an equally impressive 28% conversion. 📈

📍No new starters this month… well no immediate ones anyway. The branches of the Airship family tree have extended, with three of our team members having children! Congrats Thomas Fisher, Oskar Smith, Sam Brown and your families…. Airship & Toggle Star Employees of the future??

📍 We had a whopping 32 product releases over Toggle & Airship including a new "quick contact search" bar on the Airship dashboard (by popular demand!), purchase / "known spend" audience targeting, Google Wallet integration on Toggle, S4Labour and Fourth Hospitality integrations for Airship Teams plus a host more improvements and lots more to come. 😍

Don’t worry, we know the end of Summer feels like the end of the beginning… BUT, now we have Christmas to look forward to! 60% of gift cards are sold between November and December (which makes NOW the perfect time to sign up to Toggle!)

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