Data collection through giving away 30,000 cocktails. One Facebook app to achieve it.

Novus Leisure Limited operate over 40 premium bars, restaurants and nightclubs in London and across the UK, with famous venues including Tiger Tiger, Foundation Bar, Jewel St Paul's, Amber, Opal, Grace, Jewel Bar and Zoo.The goal was simple; give away 30,000 cocktails through a Facebook app and expand Novus’ customer database.


The best way to give away cocktails? Facebook

With more than 280,000 likes of their pages on Facebook, Novus has a powerful social presence. Building on that valuable asset, we designed and built a versatile app that could be accessed by anyone, anywhere. A staggering number of people signed up in the first month alone - contributing to an increase in Novus' database and social interaction.We wanted the app to be easy to use. We achieved this with a simple interface and by including the app on every venue Facebook page, in addition to the TigerTiger and Late Night London websites.


Sign up strategy re-imagined

47 unique bars, restaurants and late-night experiences. A single sign-up form rolled out across multiple brands. We built the app on a flexible base which enabled us to modify it to Novus’ needs and deliver on time.Customers could now sign-up for 2-4-1 cocktails on any Novus venue website using the app. This unified sign-up strategy allowed Novus to retain central control of the customer journey, and ultimately the user experience.

Two distinct brands, one Facebook app

A clever appearance switcher allowed us to use a single app for both Late Night London and Tiger Tiger venues. This allowed us to deliver in a shorter period of time and reduced the long-term maintenance and support of the app. It was also important to retain the brand identity through the app’s look and feel.We integrated with Novus Leisure's CRM - allowing us to broadcast to their entire customer database - collected across multiple data streams. It was clear that in order to successfully drive customers through to the app in a short timeframe our powerful segmentation algorithms were going to prove invaluable. This allowed email invites to be sent out to the most loyal customers across a broad range of target groups in an incremental fashion.

Mission accomplished

Novus Leisure gave away thousands of cocktails in less than a month. They also expanded their customer database and increased Facebook interaction.