January 2, 2024

December's Pinch Punch

December's Pinch Punch
Following the madness of Black Friday, we thought we were ready for December here at Airship & Toggle HQ, but it exceeded all our expectations!

It was a blur of excitement, nervous energy and an ample supply of caffeine β˜•πŸŒŸ

Strap in, as we look back at our month of December πŸ‘‡

πŸ“ It may have been a short working month, but we saw 29 new hospitality brands sign up to Airship & Toggle in December. We’re proud to welcome the likes of Comptoir Group, Redcat Pubs,Flat Iron, Inception Group, Great British Inns, Bread Meats Bread, Leisure TV Rights, Lina Stores and 21 others.

πŸ“ We saw an absolute record-shattering 41 hospitality brands complete their onboarding, and go live. Including Laki Kane, Barons Pubs, Roseacre Pub Company, Oakman Inns, St Austell Brewery, Bundobust, Elite Bistros, The Beefy Boys, Dough Loco, Urban Leisure Group, OpenHouse, Rangers Football Club, Salty Olive, Badiani, Kimchi Cult, Wadworth Brewery, Stange &Β Co, CUPP Bubble Tea, and almost 30 more!

πŸ“ Toggle took Christmas by storm with over Β£15 million being sold throughout the month of December πŸ€―πŸ“Over 60 million emails graced inboxes via Airship πŸ’Œ

πŸ“ Nicky joined, Sam, Luci and Dan to revel in the festive spirit and toast to the year's victories at the UKHospitality Christmas lunch. We also held our Annual Christmas party in Sheffield, bringing the whole company together and celebrating 2023’s achievements

πŸ“Jet Pack Santa took flight for the third time where we saw over Β£300 won by our customers and operators. Santa also captured the hearts of many with almost 10 full days of gameplay with over 600 people embarking on the flight. While we can only apologise for any festive disruptions to work ethic, the holiday cheer was undeniable πŸš€πŸŽ…

Just wait until you see what we have up our sleeves for 2024 because 2023 was just the warm up and this year is going to be even bigger! πŸ’₯2023 was a wild ride - read more about everything we got up to here.

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