Aim of the campaignThe journey drives valuable customer feedback, promotes Rosa’s gift cards to potential customers and drives database growth from the delivery channel.BackgroundRosa’s Thai Cafe have used Deliveroo for several years, and they’ve previously struggled with ways to collect data from their delivery customers. Yumpingo, their feedback platform, have created a mechanic that allows customer opinion to be collected outside of the venue; the customer simply scans a QR code attached to the food packaging and is taken to their personalised feedback page.Both the customer and feedback data is then automatically added to Airship via the integration we have with Yumpingo. We assign these customers a Rosa’s gift card via Toggle that they can use next time they visit.This is particularly valuable while the Rosa’s venues are closed during the Covid-19 crisis, giving their customers an incentive to visit once the restaurants reopen.Punky Patra-Yanan: Head of Brand & Marketing“It's extremely exciting for us to be able to gain feedback from delivery customers and to use both Yumpingo and Airship to collect the customer data. Pre-covid week-on-week delivery was roughly 15-20% of our total customers, now we're getting between 3,000-4,000 new customers every week!”Customer Journey

  1. Order a Rosa’s Thai delivery via Deliveroo
  2. Scan the Yumpingo QR code within your delivery
  3. Fill out the feedback form
  4. Receive an email to claim your £5 Rosas gift card (to spend when the venues are back open). 

Data collection results58% of the customers that left a review also opted in to marketing in the last week.Take a looks at some screenshots of how the journey looks: