July 8, 2024

Crack the code of email success with subject line testing

Crack the code of email success with subject line testing
What is split testing and why do I need it?

Creating your campaign, identifying the measurement of success, and ensuring a good joined-up customer experience are all made less relevant if you don’t do your very best to get your emails through to the customers' inboxes. 

A key tool at your fingertips is our split testing tool that’s built into the email broadcast journey. It’s got a couple of different aspects to it that you might be aware of…

Overall higher delivery rates and speed of delivery.
This is because the ESPs (Email Service Providers - Think Gmail, Hotmail etc…) deliver bulk emails based on customers' live engagement. The algorithms will measure clicks, opens and actions to then decide on how it will deliver the rest of the email in the queue.

Because of this, Airship sends to the best customers first on split tests so as well as understanding the winning subject line from the opens and clicks, we also beat the ESP algorithm around customer engagement. 

How can I vary my subject lines?

Get creative with personalisation and your messaging strategies. Try using the recipient's name through our merge tag function, asking a question, or creating a sense of urgency. Your subject line is your first impression—make it count!

Okay so let's get into the details: 

Where do I start?

Our dashboard gives you five opportunities to test different subject lines and boost your open rates. Here's how to get started:

  1. Select your subject lines: Choose between two and five subject lines to test, depending on the size of your database. This is your chance to craft headlines that stand out.
  2. Define your test segment: Decide on the size of your test segment—these contacts will receive the different subject lines first.
  3. Choose your testing period: Customise the period between the initial test send and the final full broadcast, ranging from one hour to several days. The flexibility allows you to find the optimal time frame for your audience.
  4. Run the test: After your test period is up, the remainder of your database will automatically receive the broadcast with the winning subject line. Our algorithm selects the most engaging subject line based on opens and clicks, ensuring maximum impact.

Find out more over at our academy:

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See how it works for yourself

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