FirePit Rocks, ‘Sheffield’s best dive bar’, has excelled through Airship’s Flight Plan and become a true champion! 

We measure how well an operator is utilising our platform’s features by creating a ‘health score’. 

Let's say a company is only making the most of birthday journeys and have plugged in a couple of integrations: their health score would be pretty low. But once they plug in more integrations, introduce more email journeys, the more active they are; the healthier the score gets.

It’s like cardio, but for customer relationship management.

FirePit Rocks has completed Airship’s Flight Plan, a course led by our customer success team with the aim to educate our users on how to use Airship to the best of its ability. Now, their health score is looking pretty good. Here is how they improved their engagement:

5 stage Welcome journey

A ‘Welcome Journey’ is the series of emails you send to a customer when they first sign up to your mailing list. FirePit Rocks have decided to send 5 individual welcome emails to each customer that all link together seamlessly. The importance and influence this can have is incredible to brand introduction: give them a friendly hello on the first, followed by letting them know who you are and what you're about!

10 stage PoP journey

PoP (Proof of Presence) journeys are powerful journeys triggered based on customer behaviour, so they’re super powerful. . Every time a customer visits you and leaves a ‘digital footprint’ through one of our integrations, we register a Proof of Presence, or PoP. We do this through having a plethora of integrations dotted around your venue, meaning there's many touch points that we collect the data from - this is why it's important to plug in your tech platforms into our own. 

FirePit Rocks now will be able to use their valuable customer data, collected from places such as their ordering platforms, WiFi providers and more, to trigger automated emails off the back of who is visiting their site, when they visit, and how they are engaging with your brand.

3-stage Birthday journey

Birthday Journeys work the same as PoP journeys, which work the same as Welcome Journeys. Birthday emails are a great piece of personalised customer engagement. Having collected their birthday data via one of our integrations, you can then use Airship to contact them around their birthday to drive a visit. 

FirePit Rocks have decided to take a 3-stage approach, allowing them to contact the customer: a month before, a week before and on the day of the birthday. They will be using Airship’s email builder to construct the best emails around, that’ll include birthday-related vouchers & promotions. 

Thanks to our ability to issue and track vouchers within their emails, we can also carry out resends, based on redemption of these vouchers, meaning further engagement on the birthday journey and further data collected for your marketing purposes. 

Net Promoter Score Form 

FirePit Rocks additionally have begun making use of our net promoter score forms to gather feedback. They are then able to target their customers based on whether they left positive, negative or neutral feedback. 

Segmentation form

FirePit have included another recommendation from the flight plan sessions by developing a segmentation form to find more about their guests by asking questions such as:

  • Dietary requirements
  • Who they visit with
  • Why they visit…

… which will in turn enrich their database with valuable data, that they can then funnel into their marketing practices.

After implementing these journeys and undertaking Airship’s flight plan course which covered welcome, birthday & pop journeys, their health score has dramatically improved. Back in July, they were at 53%, now they've risen to a mighty 83%.

Keep an eye out for details of our next flight plan, so that you can follow in FirePit Rocks' footsteps.