June 18, 2024

How major events can SUPERCHARGE your business

How major events can SUPERCHARGE your business
Maximising buzz - How major events can supercharge your city’s hospitality sector.

I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz on social media leading up to the start of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, but if you haven’t… 🤔

This has got us thinking, about how impactful are events like this on the hospitality industry in the city. We recently saw the Swiftie fever hit Edinburgh with super strength, Candy Bar and Diner was just one of our customers making the most of the big event with their Taylor Brunch. 

Eurovision returned to the UK for the first time in 25 years last year, and Liverpool saw over £54 million spent in association with the international song contest😳. The whole city was buzzing and saw 473,000 visitors welcomed into venues for Eurovision events. This influx of visitors filled the concert halls and spilt over into local businesses, restaurants, and hotels, significantly boosting the local economy.

These kinds of events, whether they're one-offs or annual celebrations like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, present golden opportunities for local businesses. By preparing in advance, cities can maximise the benefits these events bring, year after year.

Associated revenue. What is it?

Associated revenue is the indirect revenue made in relation to the main event. For example, all our customers situated in and around big event venues benefit from attendees throughout the year. This revenue extends beyond just ticket sales for the main event and includes spending on dining, accommodation, transport, and more. 

So, how can you take advantage of the buzz and really utilise all the brand-new visitors to your town? This associated revenue is yours for the taking and here are some ways to get involved: 

🌟Specialist menus for the event period: Crafting event-themed specials can attract visitors. During Wimbledon season, why not try crafting some strawberries and cream specials? 

🌟Renaming menu items: Create unique, themed menu items to attract event-goers. Shoutout to Tigerlily’s Love Story cocktail & Bundobust with their Lavander Haze! 🍹

🌟Putting on dedicated events: Host your own events to draw in crowds. Take Signature Brew, for example, who have their own festivals running throughout the busy summer season.

🛎️ Calling all hoteliers! Hotels are integral to all these events. 

With waves of tourists and event-goers flocking to your city, these visitors all need somewhere to stay! Offering a small incentive to customers who book using a super special booking note—think names of sports teams, music artists, or event-related keywords—can attract more guests to your hotel.

When you have planned how to celebrate the event, know how to shout about what you have to offer! Make use of your different marketing channels and most importantly, leverage your existing database on Airship. This may be the time to offer your most engaged customers a special deal to show them how much you value them.

Don’t let the next big event pass you by! For a full rundown of the events still to coem this year, head over to Toggle’s blog here 👉 https://www.usetoggle.com/blog/incorporating-national-days-into-hospitality-marketing?utm_source=airship_blog&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=events_in_your_city

Eurovision Stats - Invest Liverpool https://investliverpool.com/news/liverpool-calling-the-eurovision-2023-results-are-in/#:~:text=Eurovision%20boosted%20the%20Liverpool%20City,and%20transport%20networks%20all%20benefitting.

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