April 18, 2024

How Market Halls increased their database by 97% in just a year

How Market Halls increased their database by 97% in just a year
Market Halls make the good times easy! Their food halls in Oxford Street, Victoria, and Canary Wharf offer a unique blend of street food culture with iconic spaces to come together with friends and treat your tastebuds. 

Market Halls started their journey with Airship in 2022, initially setting up simple email campaigns and building their database up to 47,000 people. They were off to a flying start, and in December 2022, Market Halls blasted four email campaigns, delivering 178,500 emails, with an average open rate of 21%, click through rate of 8%, and 1700 Proof of Presence visits in their venues.

Featuring on both MasterChef and The Apprentice, Market Halls have been in the living rooms of thousands, but they still needed to enhance their digital presence, and get into the inboxes of thousands more people. 

Marketing Manager, Courtney Heary recognised that the halls were struggling with repeat custom and frequent visitors, and in March 2023, Courtney decided to embark on a transformative journey to revitalise their email marketing strategies.

This is where our Customer Success team comes in - Nathan reviewed Market Halls’ account, discovering that not many of the 47,000 database had provided their information - only 30% had let Market Halls know their birthday. The solution? New customer journeys.

Together with Courtney, Nathan built a three stage welcome journey, three stage birthday journey, pre and post-visit journey automations.

Fast forward to March 2024, Market Halls have grown their database to 95,000 - that’s an incredible 97% increase in just a year. And with 46% of opted-in customers now sharing their birthday with Market Halls, that’s a whole ‘lotta birthday pressies going out every year!

And when we compare December 2023 to December 2022, well, let’s just say, the proof is certainly in the pudding. Putting automations aside, Market Halls sent eight broadcast emails, delivering directly to their customers inboxes 434,600 times, with an open rate of 50%, click through rate of 15%, and Proof of Presence visits up a massive 480% with 10,000 visits - just in the month of December.

Courtney had this to say about our team: “The health check on our account with Amy and Nathan was a huge turning point in our Airship journey. They really helped to lay a foundation of insight and illustrate the opportunities at hand; opportunities that were too prosperous to ignore!

This service totally influenced the pivot of our focus to direct marketing, and we’ve seen nothing but promising results ever since – particularly with (quite unbelievable) open rates and click rates. 

It feels as though we’re building a real presence in the inbox and it’s given us a space to explore, develop and push the boundaries of our brand identity. Emails have fast become our favourite brand expression."

With our Kobas integration now live, Market Halls will be able to gather purchase data for their customers, allowing them to create even more personalised and unique journeys and content for each individual guest.

To celebrate their success, Market Halls are giving you 25% off at the bar! All you have to do, is sign up here to redeem your voucher.

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