March 7, 2024

International Women's Day 2024: Meet Amy, Georgina, Anna, Dominika and Alex

International Women's Day 2024: Meet Amy, Georgina, Anna, Dominika and Alex
It’s Thursday and we’re not slowing down, time for the third instalment of our International Women’s Day profiles! Today will bring some more familiar faces to the forefront.

Amy - Customer Growth Manager

Georgina - Head of Customer Success

Anna - Revenue Growth Manager

Dominika - Senior Graphic Designer

Alex - Director of Finance

Please give us a small bio about what you do at Airship:

Amy - I help existing Airship & Toggle Customers ensure they have everything they need to get the best value out of their platforms including their agreements. I'm effectively an organiser on their behalf!

Georgina - I'm the Head of Customer Success across Airship and Toggle, I manage the senior customer success team and I am always there to help the rest of the team with anything they need. I look after the majority of our larger customers providing onboarding, strategy and general support to ensure they can get the most out of Airship & Toggle. I also work closely with the product development team to pass down customer feedback and help to ensure our products are meeting our customer's needs.

Anna - As the Revenue Growth Manager, my role is crucial in ensuring that gift card prints and on-demand designs are executed flawlessly; and that our warehouse operations run smoothly to fulfil customer orders efficiently. I also maintain strong relationships with our print partners and the warehouse operation teams, seeking opportunities to enhance our print capabilities and streamline our fulfilment processes.

Dominika - With a passion for aesthetics and an understanding of brand identity, my role is to visually represent and communicate the essence and value our company delivers to our customers and partners. Crafting visual identities, narratives and stories that resonate with the hospitality industry and embody what our company is all about: making the hospitality industry better, utilising data and information.

Alex - I am the Director of Finance for Airship,  I manage all things finance here at Airship & Toggle, and I offer advice and guidance on all financial matters across the business. Within an operational level, we provide high-quality financial advice, along with robust financial processes and systems that support staff in delivering the ambitions of the company.

How did you come to be in your current role with Airship?: 

Amy - I started at Airship in July 2023 after being made redundant at my last company which was also in the hospitality tech sector. I've known of Airship & Toggle for quite some time and so when I saw a role available I jumped at the chance to apply. Within my interview, I loved the fact that it was all women hosting them. I'd never had that before in my 15 years of Sales experience and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. The Commercial team that I work with are such an incredible group of people with an amazing outlook. Being a Sheffield-based company runs through the entire ethos and reflects in the company culture and humour, I love it.

Georgina - I've been with Airship since 2018, the company has changed A LOT in that time and I've been able to progress from Account Manager to Head of Customer Success. I love working at Airship, the team and culture are what make it what it is and it's been amazing to be a part of the growth over the last 5 years.

Anna - I previously worked with Toggle and Airship in a client capacity, where I used to manage the Toggle gift card sales as part of my responsibilities. When I transitioned roles, Toggle presented a natural fit for me due to my familiarity with the platform, which created a seamless move into a new position. 

Dominika - I started through a kickstart scheme that supported employers and graduates during the difficult COVID times. Already on day one I was looked after in a way that made me feel like I am part of something bigger.

Alex - I have been with the business for 3 years, I started as the Finance Manager and spent my first year supporting Dan with the sale to Zonal, on my first anniversary with the company I was promoted to the Director of Finance.

What has been your proudest moment during your time at Airship & Toggle?

Amy - Revamping the way we approach our Renewals process with much more organisation and openness has been key. It's been amazing to be able to have open chats with our customers and explain all of the new features/case studies /techniques that are working across our customer base. 

Georgina - Over the last 12 months we've been working on the expansion of Customer Success, we've gone from 2 CS execs (shout out to Stephen) in 2020 to a team of 16, it's been a huge project to restructure the team, making internal promotions and hiring new members whilst making sure we're maintaining our culture. I'm really proud of the entire CS team and the work that's gone into the growth.

Anna - The launching of our first sample packs marked a milestone for Toggle, as these packs were previously non-existent. These sample packs provide our clients with a tangible opportunity to see first-hand our prints, special effects, and the environmentally friendly options we offer. I am proud of leading this project, creating something new for Toggle - and invaluable for our clients.

Dominika - I was thrilled to have been an integral part of our renowned and crazy Toggle Time campaigns over the past few years. Witnessing each campaign grow bigger and more audacious has been truly exhilarating. I draw immense inspiration from our team's ability to achieve remarkable results in such a short span, with every member contributing significantly to shaping the brand's vision and bringing our projects to life. I know it’s not coincidental. It is the culture of teamwork, the willingness to collaborate and create, and mutual respect that permeates our workplace. It's incredible to be surrounded by colleagues who genuinely care for one another, and readily embrace each other's ideas, feedback, and opinions, no matter what their position is. This environment not only fostered creativity but also propelled us to achieve great results.

Alex - As Airship & Toggle has grown so has our customer base, a full revamp of the finance department was undertaken ensuring we support all of our customers and provide the best service, I have personally developed and improved our reporting systems to ensure quality forecasting and reporting.

In your opinion, what are some of the unique strengths or perspectives that women bring to the workplace?

Amy - The ability to navigate hard situations with a finesse that is unmatched as we have had to do this many times over.  To shine an intelligent light on issues that have been smothered / not considered previously in a male-dominated workspace. To be able to support and uplift other women without jealousy for the pure joy of it.

Georgina - I think women generally work incredibly hard to excel at their role, we're great at multitasking and focusing under pressure! I also think we're very empathetic which helps in many ways from managing teams to understanding customer frustrations.

Dominika - In my opinion, women bring a range of unique strengths and perspectives to the workplace that are invaluable for fostering a healthy workplace dynamic and inclusive, peaceful environment. Firstly, their openness to discussion and collaborative attitudes create spaces where diverse ideas can flourish. This leads to out-of-the-box thinking and taking wider perspectives into account, as they are often adept at considering multiple viewpoints. I also think women often bring a strong sense of empathy and humanness to their roles, which is crucial for creative and ethical problem-solving and building strong relationships and structures that last. Lastly, I believe the ability of women to inspire teamwork and a sense of belonging is remarkable. They often lead by example, encouraging an honest and humble approach, cooperation, support, and a positive work culture.

Alex - Women often bring a different perspective to problem-solving and decision-making, which can bring fresh ideas to the table.

Why do you think diversity in the workplace is so important?

Amy - We need to be able to understand the different opinions, views and cultures of our colleagues who represent the current world around us. Without Diversity, extremely important matters will not be heard or dealt with in the workplace.

Georgina - Every single person brings a different skill or point of view to a workplace and diversity only adds to this, it ensures we have a well-rounded view of different situations both inside and outside of our company. I also think it's so hard to be what you can't see, if young girls aren't seeing women in different roles and industries then it can be so difficult to envisage themselves in those roles.

Anna - I believe having a diverse workforce, (including leadership roles) is key for ensuring different perspectives, and life experiences are taken into consideration with decision making. It also has a positive impact on society, providing role models for others that individuals can relate to.

Dominika - Diversity in the workplace is crucial because it brings together a range of cultures, perspectives, and skills that greatly enhance the potential for success. By embracing diversity, we open doors to new ideas, innovative approaches, and opportunities and problem-solving approaches that might otherwise go unnoticed. 

Alex - A diverse workforce brings together individuals with different backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches.

How do you prioritise self-care and well-being while managing your professional responsibilities?

Amy - I read a lot of fiction when I am not working which helps my mental well-being and allows my mind to quiet, I try to exercise but I'm not very good at sticking to it.

Georgina - Running, lots of running. I find getting out of the house for a run or a walk really clears my mind after a busy day and always trying to prioritise time with family and friends outside of work does wonders!

Anna - As a remote worker, carving out time for community and social interaction is important for my well-being. CrossFit also serves as both a workout routine and an opportunity to connect with friends - this is vital for reducing stress and enhancing my overall self-care routine.

Dominika - The most significant impact on my work-life balance has been establishing healthy boundaries between my personal and career life. These boundaries allow me time to decompress and shift my environment, such as finding rejuvenation in nature after a long day of work. This refreshes my busy mind and creates space for new ideas to flourish.

Additionally, seeking support when needed and allowing room for mistakes has been crucial. I've learned to view seeking support as an expression of self-awareness, recognising that we are not alone in our challenges. This mindset shift has helped me maintain a more balanced and fulfilling life. It also allows room for learning, and for others to enrich my life in meaningful ways.

Alex - I like to plan ahead making sure I have time for myself each day where I can do some form of exercise, this is a must for me as it improves my mood and energy levels and helps me get the most from my working day.

If you could have dinner with three inspirational women, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Amy - Rihanna as she is a business chameleon with an insane work ethic, VE Schewb as she is one of my favourite fiction best-selling authors who always showcases diversity and strong women within her writing and Zaha Hadid who was the incredible founder of Zaha Hadid Architects and won so many accolades for not only being innovative in her design but also being ranked one of the best in the world leaving a legacy behind.

Georgina - Jessica Ennis Hill - because she's awesome but she's also paving the way for training & exercising as a woman, Greta Gerwig - because I love her films and she's doing great things for women everywhere and Joanna Lumley - because I think she'd be really fun and have some great stories.

Dominika - Reflecting on the question, I found myself unable to narrow down the list. Countless women have profoundly impacted my life, whether through small gestures, words of wisdom, challenging questions, or acts of support. Together, they have inspired me to constantly seek improvement, take pride in my identity, appreciate my journey, and encouraged me to share my skills and speak my mind. Testament to the influence of each woman, both living and passed, collectively weaving a tapestry of inspiration that guides my path.

If I were to share the story of one inspiring woman from this year, it would undoubtedly be Simone. At a workshop centered on Radical Imagination, following a panel of great political, environmental, creative and social activists, I had the privilege of engaging in a deep conversation with her. In her mid-50s, with a multifaceted career spanning dance psychotherapy, art curation, and representation in a natural academy, Simone renewed my understanding of what is creativity, and its impact on our surroundings, and us alone. She was a force of nature, that wouldn’t let anything stop her from expressing her gifts and carrying the inspiration forward. It expanded my horizons on what is achievable, demonstrating how seemingly unrelated skills can blend into potent tools for creative self-expression and how radical imagination is what changes the narrative.

She educated me on the reciprocal relationship between myself and my environment, offering guidance and insights into my creative journey in life and work, reminding me of my own potential. However, what struck me most about Simone was her confident humility, boundless enthusiasm, and innate humanity. Despite her lengthy and successful career, she remained approachable and grounded in her passion for her work. This quality resonated deeply with me, and it echoed the essence of every woman who has inspired or aided me—they made me feel seen and valued as an equal, a ‘share who you are, as it deserves to be seen’ attitude.

Alex - Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, and Anne Frank. Diana navigated her public life with finesse, and I'd love to meet with her, Margaret Thatcher was the first serving woman prime minister in a then male-dominated world and Anne Frank was extremely brave, I have so many questions for all three women!

What does International Women's Day mean to you?

Amy - Showcasing and supporting the incredible women in our entire company and shining a light on all that they do for Airship. Helping to lift them up :)

Georgina - We shouldn't need a day to do this but it's a wonderful excuse to celebrate all of the wonderful women out there!

Anna - International Women's Day is important because it provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, recognise the contributions of those who have come before us, educate ourselves and others, reflect on our own lives, and raise funds for women's charities. It is also an important day to highlight the ongoing work needed for gender equality.

Alex - A day to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

Super Stat - Our finance and accounts team is 100% women!

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