May 21, 2024

Introducing Airship Feedback

Introducing Airship Feedback
We’re super excited to introduce Airship Feedback, your new best friend in capturing guest feedback effortlessly. Whether you're running a cosy café or a bustling restaurant, understanding your guests' experiences is key to keeping them coming back. Here’s how Airship Feedback can make your life easier and your guests happier.
Effortless Feedback Collection

With Airship Feedback, getting feedback from your guests has never been simpler. After their visit, we automatically send them an email with a link to a pre-set feedback form. Their responses go straight to your dashboard, so you get all the insights without lifting a finger.

Another Chance to Opt-In

Every feedback email is another chance to invite your guests to opt-in to your email marketing. This means you can grow your marketing list and start creating personalised campaigns that keep them coming back for more.

Improve or Reward

Use the data collected through Airship Feedback to get an understanding of your guests' experiences. Identify what’s working and where improvements are needed, or give your team a pat on the back for a job well done. The ‘Guest Sentiment Score’, a rating from 0-10, gives you a quick snapshot of how likely your guests are to recommend you to their friends and family.

Seamless Integration

Airship Feedback is perfect for those who don’t yet have a feedback solution but want to start exploring one. It works alongside your existing integrations, making it easy to engage with your guests and collect valuable opt-in data for future marketing efforts.

Timely and Relevant Feedback

Imagine a guest visits your venue and logs into your WiFi. With Airship Feedback, you can automatically send them a feedback email soon after, capturing their experience while it’s still fresh, all thanks to our integrations. Timely feedback is crucial for maintaining high standards and ensuring your guests have the best experience possible.

Customised Feedback and Exclusions

You can gather feedback on everything from food and drink to service and overall experience. Guests can even specify the location they visited, giving you targeted insights. Plus, if a guest has already left feedback, they’ll be moved into a new segment to avoid repetitive requests - no one likes spammy emails!

Two Months Free!

To help you see the magic of Airship Feedback, we’re giving all current customers a two-month free trial. This is your chance to experience how easy and impactful collecting feedback can be. You don’t need to do anything, we’ll add it to your account automatically.

Airship Feedback takes the hassle out of collecting guest feedback, giving you the insights you need to keep improving. If you’re a current customer, make the most of your two months free and discover the difference it can make. 

Ready to elevate your guest experience? Get in touch with our team and see how Airship Feedback can transform your engagement strategy!

See how it works for yourself

The Joiner’s Kitchen is our fictional restaurant with a very real digital guest journey. Head over there, sign up, and experience the basics of what Airship can do for yourself.

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