July 17, 2023

Introducing: Airship Rewards!

Introducing: Airship Rewards!

If you’ve ever sent promotions and discounts through email, or more likely, if you’ve ever received promotions and discounts through email…Then you must be familiar with trudging through the hundreds of emails in your inbox to try and locate them. Such a pain, right?

Well, then we suppose it’s time to introduce the next booster in the Booster Brigade: Airship Rewards.

Airship Rewards is a mechanic that works as a digital profile for all of your customers, across any of their devices. It collates all the discounts and promotions they have available with your brand, so that they can locate your offers to them lickity split! Just like an app but with nothing to download.

The booster is centred around making it easier and more accessible for customers to be loyal to you, and offers easy access to the value exchange of an incentive. So rather than stumbling across a competitor's incentive, they will find yours right away, with no competition in sight!

It also means that you can target all of your customers with ‘surprise and delight’ rewards, not just those who would have downloaded your app, or opted into a loyalty scheme. You can now drop contextual rewards into your guest’s digital profile whenever you wish, based on demographic data, visit frequency or behaviour triggers.

No booster is complete without a mascot. And this mascot is the most loyal of them all…

It’s Mr Loyal T.

He pities the fool who has 20 gift vouchers lost in their inbox. Which is why Airship Rewards is his marketing tool of choice.

He is generous, organised and has no room for mess. Mr Loyal T is the marketer who operates with the consumer’s journey (from phone to venue) in mind.

And because his muscles are twice the size of our head, he has very kindly and sternly persuaded us to offer you Airship Rewards half price, until August 31st. Reach out to us through this sign form to discuss Airship Rewards more!

See how it works for yourself

The Joiner’s Kitchen is our fictional restaurant with a very real digital guest journey. Head over there, sign up, and experience the basics of what Airship can do for yourself.

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