August 11, 2023

Introducing Airship teams & Mrs Motivator

Introducing Airship teams & Mrs Motivator

Airships Teams isn’t a million miles away from Airship CRM. By that, we mean it only lives a few doors down at your HR & People Department. 

The same communication smarts of Airship are now available for you, and your teams. It’s internal communications, but designed specifically for the hospitality sector, meaning that you can now target your internal comms to specific departments or job roles, or those who work in specific venues or regions (or head office). More importantly you can now have automated journeys setup, sending personalised message to individuals celebrating them accepting a role with your business, completing their first day, hitting a work anniversary / birthday, or even working their final shift. All of these comms can contain personalised rewards, vouchers or gift cards - PLUS each employee will have access to an online profile where they can view all of their existing & upcoming rewards / gifts available to them. 

As you can see, our latest booster is all about celebrating your teams, and the power they yield. So we are celebrating that via the medium of a single person…

Introducing Mrs Motivator. 

She puts the H and the R in HeRo! This team work enthusiast is a top communicator, chief motivator and never forgets a birthday. 

She drives your business forward by keeping communications constant and positive, through her super weapon: Airship Teams.

Like any great HR hero, she uses communication to keep team members updated and happy. Sure can reach even the furthest away of her peers to inform them of a menu charge, wish them a happy work-iversary or send them a reward for exceeding the sales target!

If that doesn’t motivate you enough, maybe this will… Mrs Motivatior’s Airship Teams is HALF PRICE until August 31st! 

Enhance your internal communications and drive your team's efficiency with Airship Team here 👇

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