February 1, 2024

January's Pinch Punch

January's Pinch Punch
No time needed to warm up this year, we had our foot on the gas from day one! How would we sum up January? Busy, busy and BUSY!

🏋️ Our Airshippers kicked off the year with a bang, unleashing a mind-blowing 57 million emails into the world in January alone! Airship isn’t the only one getting all the fun as we saw over £3 million worth of sales across Toggle this month… January slump who?

🤗 It is never quiet at our HQ, we currently have 21 brands onboarding across Airship and 23 more on Toggle. We’re so excited to welcome Warner Leisure, 7 Bone Burger Co, Urban Pubs & Bars, Head of Steam, Lina Stores, Union Bars, Queens and No. Fifty Cheyne.

⚡The team has been working to their usual speedy standard and a whole bunch of amazing brands have gone live across our two platforms. Just to name a few, we have Ideal Collection, Piston Club, The Moat & Kings Head, Chuku's, Laki Kane, Barons Pub Company,  The Ebrington Collection, Brickhouse Social, Bierkeller, Roseacre Pubs, Oakman Inns, The Dhabba, Great British Inns now out in the wild. 

📖 This month, we made waves at both the Hotel Tech Summit and the RMI Awards, attended by a stellar lineup from our friendly team, including Dan, Sam, Luci, Amy, Tess, and Nicky. Speaking of RMI, in case you missed it, we proudly launched our comprehensive guide to hospitality marketing in our very first Bumper Book! (Drop us a comment if you're yet to get your hands on a copy.) A big shoutout to Holly Ritchie for acing her first solo speaking session – cool as a cucumber 😎

📢 Before we go, we’re on the hunt for two new individuals to join the Airship team. Whether you’re all about CS and have a background in account management or are a full stack developer looking for your next challenge, head over to our careers page to see why we would be a fantastic fit for you!

👋 We are raring to announce our newest recruits to the Airship partnerships pool so stay tuned! 

Phew, that was a lot, but we're not slowing down! With Valentine's Day around the corner, we can’t wait to see what February will bring! Keep your eyes peeled, we surely can’t bring out another book… Can we? 🤔

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