July 1, 2024

June's Pinch Punch

June's Pinch Punch

Hello July! 🌞 June has been so much fun, and with the rest of the summer ahead, we're ready to dive right in.

📈Time for the numbers!

📨 Following the Father’s Day frenzy, we saw 64.5 million emails hit inboxes with the help of Airship, all with an average conversion rate of 24.6%! 🤩 

🚀 New additions to the Airship family

It’s been a busy month, and we've got a whole host of new Airshippers joining the ranks. In June, we welcomed Maki & Ramen, The Tent at the End of the Universe, Detroit Slims, COSMO Restaurants, Ninja Warrior Stoke, SHEFFIELD SPORTS STADIUM and Oatis, who have made the first step in their Airship journey. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you all!

We’ve already had some great success stories from recent recruits. The likes of Gilda Bakery, Seven Brothers, Devour, All Star Lanes, Brakspear, Ninja Warriors have hit the ground running and are already making waves with their new CRM by their side. 😇

🏃 Airship in action!

Luci joined Gillian from Zonal in their Two Minute Tech series to give you a bite-sized run-through of Airship Feedback. Check it out here!

Not only that, but Tess joined Hannah at s4labour to talk Airship teams. They covered how our partnership works and how Airship Teams can really transform how you communicate with your teams in venue. Watch the webinar here.

🌍 On the road again!

It’s been a busy month for our commercial team, out and about soaking up all the insights the industry had to offer in June. They have been here there and everywhere, you may have seen our faces at the BII Summer Event, The HMA awards and the Propel Female Leaders Conference where Luci,, Amy and Nicky represented Airship and Toggle.🤜🤛

Our head of Commercial, Luci, also joined a host of industry greats at the UKHospitality Summer Conference, The Pub Conference and we were also kindly invited by Tripleseat to Taste of London, bringing back some useful industry knowledge for us to keep adding value to our clients. 

✈️ Our Airship Captains

Our platforms are nothing without our product team working behind the scenes for you all! This month, we’re giving a big shoutout to one of our brilliant QAs, Ryan! Ryan is always on hand to help our developers and set the team up for success. Let’s hear it for Ryan!

We think that’s just about everything for this month, but July is about to be big, so watch this space 👀

Oh, and one more thing... Don't forget to check us out on Toggle for the latest updates and more behind-the-scenes action!

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