The objective

To give Gusto Restaurants a measurable ROI on their social media activity on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. In addition to proving how many booking social media had delivered, we were also able to demonstrate a growth in followers, engagements and clicks for each venue.

"Airship have delivered an extremely impressive return on our investment whilst providing continual training and support. We've seen an exponential increase in followers, engagements and impressions across all platforms - in addition to being able to directly attribute how many sales we have acquired from social media".

Charlotte Solomon - Group Marketing Manager - Living Ventures

We gave all 12 venues access to our social media platform, enabling them to schedule content on Twitter and Facebook in advance. This allowed each venue to maintain a strong social presence during busy periods, ensuring that they were able post regularly and effectively.Gusto's Business Development Managers (BDMs) were given ongoing training and support individual to their needs and the challenges they faced on social media on a weekly basis.We created keyword monitors for each venue that allowed BDMs to identify and connect with new business opportunities and deliver additional sales into their venues.In order to track the ROI we advised Gusto’s web provider on how to set up unique URLs for use on Gusto’s social platforms. This enabled us to definitively track clicks from social media into the booking platform.We reported on a weekly basis to Head Office and created a 'social media league table' to give BDMs a benchmark for progress.

Social media

The Numbers

For every £1 that Gusto spent with us we were able to directly attribute £18.26 back in sales.This figure is in addition to the growth in reach, impressions, engagement and follower numbers across all 3 platforms.Website acquisitions from Facebook and Twitter increased by 478% compared to 2014, showing how important social media now is to delivering bookings for Gusto.