April 1, 2024

March's Pinch Punch

March's Pinch Punch
Happy April! Spring has sprung and we hope you didn’t get caught out on April Fools Day 😉

📈Let's talk stats!

📨 Throughout March, over 62 million emails hopped their way into inboxes with an average conversion rate of 14%!

🐰🚀 New additions to the Airship family

Our community is growing with a blend of established brands and some fresh faces. In March, we were thrilled to welcome names like Brakspear & Honeycomb Houses, The Fountain, The Pavilion, The Priest House Hotel, Forshaws Hotel, Aysgarth Falls Hotel, Tamatanga, Halloumi Glasgow, Kilmurry Lodge Hotel, The Boat, Tottington Manor Hotel & Gilda Bakery.

Shoutout to Lina Stores and Trof who hit the ground running and took their first steps with us this month!

Exciting adventures lie ahead!

🏃 Airship in action!

You won't believe the whirlwind of activity we've been up to lately! Luci, Nicky, Amy, Holly, and Tess recently fueled their brains at the Multi Club, soaking up insights and inspiration. But that's not all – from March 25th, we rocked HRC, hosting three panels that had the hospitality world buzzing with excitement!

And guess what? Our very own CEO, Dan Brookman (you know him, right?), took the spotlight in Zonal's HereForYou campaign, showcasing how Airship and Toggle's tech seamlessly integrate to empower your teams with real-time insights. Be sure to check it out! 🚀

✈️ Our Airship Captains

This month we have welcomed a new Key Account Manager in Danielle bringing with her a wealth of experience and we’re also walking into April with Luci stepping into her new role as our brand-new Head of Commercial.

At the beginning of the month, we dedicated a week-long celebration to International Women's Day, amplifying the voices and experiences of the incredible women who shape Airship's success. We handed over the mic to them to share their stories and insights on our blog.

With lighter nights and longer days, we're excited to see what the next month has in store for us!

Psst... Check us out on Toggle to catch up on all the latest and greatest from the team over there. Trust us, you don't wanna miss out on the fun!

See how it works for yourself

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