Experts, wizards, masterminds or gurus. Whatever you want to call them, we’ve assembled the best hospitality minds we could find to offer services and expertise in a huge range of areas. Some of it is directly linked with what we do, some of it isn’t. But it’s all good, and they’re all good people.

Let us tell you a bit of a story.

We’ve always had great tech. Right from the beginning, it was our tech, and our knowledge of the industry, that allowed us to develop that tech into a platform that leads the field. As any company does, as we grew, we looked at what’s next - how can we do more, add value, diversity? We took the decision to add services around our tech. Content, creative, insights and websites - we tried to offer it all.

It didn’t really work, people became confused as to what we were, and our amazing tech became clouded by a lack of understanding.

Fast forward several years, and we’ve refocussed, simplified and developed our way into a company that provides and pushes forward the amazing tech that our clients use day-in day-out. This doesn’t mean we don’t have the expertise surrounding it - we do - it’s critical to produce products that are so useful within the industry, but we focus on delivering a great product.

Our products are the tools, so we still wanted to provide a way to help our clients make best use of them and, beyond that, provide expertise across all aspects of the hospitality industry. We’ve been around a good while, and we know a lot of people, so we’ve put together a network of the best minds in the industry that know us, know our products, and can do an amazing job of supporting you across a huge range of expertise in the hospitality industry.

Who are they?

Get to know them here:

What do they know?

Everything! From social strategy, commercial and sales expertise right through to data, research and IT, we’ve purposely worked to get people together who know their stuff in almost every aspect of business.

How does it work?

They are there for the taking. Whether you are an airship customer or not. On hand to help you get ready for what the other side looks like.