July 14, 2022

Rudy's Sheffield: Getting a Slice of the Pie

Rudy's Sheffield: Getting a Slice of the Pie

On the 4th of July, Mission Mars opened up a new Rudy’s in Sheffield with the same successful launch strategy they created when opening Rudy’s Soho.

If you’re not familiar with it: Mission Mars gave away 10,000 free pizzas in order to get their name (and delicious pizza) into the mouths of Londoners. This time, they've worked their same cheese and tomato magic, but in the Steel City.

With Sheffield being the home of Airship, it’s no surprise that we are making an absolute scene about this. 

So, how did they get the word out?

Their first step was to utilise existing tech. Their existing data in Airship is collected from all of their integrations, including WiFi superpower: Wireless Social - so that Mission Mars could build up a good picture of who their existing guests are.

Taking this data, they applied it to a brand new city. Making use of Facebook’s ‘look-a-like’ advertisement service, Jack and the team could then put out adverts to new, Sheffield-based prospects that are likely to be just as excited about Rudy’s and free pizza as we are.

From their Facebook ads, over 3,000 foodies of Sheffield were sent to an Airship form where they filled in their contact information. Once this was completed, they were added to an Airship holding group, waiting to be contacted about their free pizza. Can you feel the tension building?

Wait for it - what happened next? RELEASE THE PIZZA!

After sitting in Mission Mars’ Airship database, inside the holding group, 7,000 pizza fanatics were sent an email asking them to book a slot to get their free pizza. From that Airship email, ResDiary, the booking platform, facilitated over 3,500 Pizza For Everyone bookings for people to come and enjoy their pizza at the brand new venue.

It’s safe to say that the give away was a success! Demand was so high - that Rudy's Sheffield is now booked up for the first 6 weeks, and that happened within less than 24 hours. Don't worry, Rudy's predicted this would happen, so have blocked off tables for regular bookings - so all you Sheffield-based pizza fans can still book via their website,  or they always save the space for walk-ins!

Today, Rudy’s is looking roody lovely. It is now officially open. Here’s a picture of some of our team getting  a slice in opening week! Our latest tally is that over the last 14 days, the Mission Mars marketeers have achieved a give away of 3,500 pizzas, with a little help from their tech platforms: Wireless Social, ResDiary and, of course, Airship.  

We cannot fathom how insane that is. Big shout to all involved in getting this project going - we can’t wait to literally never stop visiting Rudys on our lunch hour! It’s so mental that this is going to happen all over again in September…