October 3, 2018

Say Hello to Our New Platform: Toggle.

Say Hello to Our New Platform: Toggle.

It's been four years since we launched our initial gifting product. Over the years we’ve refined what we do, improving the customer journey and experience, as well as integrating with more EPOS providers. We are thrilled to finally launch a completely rebuilt platform that allows businesses to self service gifting and experiences to their guests. We’ve called it Toggle - because it’s the thing that fastens you to your customers.

Why Gifting?

It’s a relatively untouched revenue channel, delivering our clients a great ROI with fairly little effort. In fact, with the customers already on our gifting platform, for every £1 spent we delivered £41 of revenue, the average transaction value was £87, and on average each venue generated over £15k of revenue (and that’s without Toggle’s new bells and whistles).

How Does it Work?

Toggle allows you to set up your own shop (within a matter of minutes we might add) and sell physical and digital gift cards both online and in your venues. You’re able to personalise them, and then send via post or via email to recipients.Toggle will then manage the transaction including associated email journeys and financial reporting for the lifetime of the purchase. The value stored on the card can be used in whole or in part and retains its value until expiry which is set by the merchant.Why stop at normal gift cards when Toggle allows you to sell experiences too? A brewery tour perhaps? A gin masterclass? Whatever you know will fly off your shelves. Our in-built reporting allows you to get the lowdown on your shop’s activity at any time. It’s really straightforward to use too.

It’s All Super Simple

We’ve built the platform so it’s a total breeze. There’s no setup fee and we charge a flat rate per location. You’re not tied into a lengthy contract and we integrate directly with your EPOS provider for a seamless transaction. We’re already integrated with Zonal Inc, Polaris Elements, Comtrex and Orbis Tech with many more on the way. Plus, we’ve got great resources and even better people on hand to make sure you succeed with Toggle.

Want to Know More?

Head over to https://usetoggle.com for more info and to request a demo. Alternatively, drop a line to dan@airship.co.uk - he’s always up for a Toggle chat.

See how it works for yourself

The Joiner’s Kitchen is our fictional restaurant with a very real digital guest journey. Head over there, sign up, and experience the basics of what Airship can do for yourself.

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