June 30, 2023

The Booster Brigade: Half Price Full Power!

The Booster Brigade: Half Price Full Power!

Since the start of this year, The team at Toggle and Airship have been working hard to build add-on features, that sit on top of the shoulders of Airship and Toggle and permit you to carry out various marketing practices. 

Powerful, agile, effective; Airship and Toggle’s Boosters are a must to turn your hospitality marketing tool belt into an armoury of resources. 

With that being said, we thought it was time to dedicate one of our campaigns to ‘The Boosters!’ - Boosters will be a vital piece of our business going forward, and we hope it’ll become a vital piece of your business too; as each and every one of them could boost your revenue in it’s own specific way

After month’s of product development (off the back of the customer feedback we gathered during our many product days), and lots of lots of live-testing within some of our long standing customers, we finally have our first round of bolt-on features to release to the world.

Different boosters will work for different brands. Which is why we wanted to showcase them in isolation. One at a time. This campaign will do just that: It’ll highlight to you the strengths & personality of each add-on and outline how you can best use it to boost your ROI. 

With that being said, let us introduce to you: The Booster Brigade.

The Booster Brigade is an action pack of Marketing go-getters. Each of them with their own individual personality, style and function but ALL of them reach for the same goal: ultimate and relentless return on investment.

Over the next 8 weeks, they will be everywhere: industry newsletters, at events, on our socials, in your inbox, in your house, under your bed, lurking in the darkness. You won’t be able to escape the reality that these boosters can and will change your life (or at least your marketing operations).

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Airship & Toggle marketing campaign without a ‘super’ incentive to get involved. So our Head of Sales, Luci Cunningham, has agreed to make every single one of our boosters available half price, if you add them before August 31st. Half Price / Full Power. So if you can’t wait to hear about them one week at a time (like the TV shows your parents used to watch…) then get in touch with our team today and they’ll introduce you to them all. 

The first booster is out next week. Keep your eyes peeled


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