January 14, 2022

The Valen-time is Now!

The Valen-time is Now!

Right now, rather than COVID being in the air -  Love is in the air. Yes, Valentine's is only a month away and it's time for operators to get ready for the first big day for the year.

If you're looking for ideas on how to use your CRM or gifting solution on Valentine's day: you're in the right place. Last year, we saw operators make big moves in the 4 weeks before Valentine’s day when selling an array of different love-based offers and products. We also saw some pretty impressive emails sent out through Airship that meant customers were reminded where they want to spend the 14th.

We wanted to prompt you with some ideas of how you can make the most of the first big celebration.

For Toggle:

Do you remember the last two years of sitting indoors for prolonged periods of time? We do. And so will your customers. That's why there's such a huge demand for experiences. People want to gain a memory from a gift. For Valentine's, why not consider selling an ‘Evening for Two’ experience, or use Toggle to sell a ‘Candle lit dinner’. You could even brand into ‘Palentines’ by offering a ‘Valentine’s Friends Brunch’.

Make a Valentine’s Collection

Toggle’s Collections features gives you the ability to categorise your webstores. This may sound simple BUT the simple navigation is an easy way to boost your gifting sales. This then frees you up to create as many gift cards as you like with all sorts of funny / lovely / silly branding, titles and imagery.Think: a tongue in cheek ‘Sorry you’re single’ card, or a sweet ‘You’re my bestie brunch’ card.

Make a Valentine’s Collection. Upload endless romance based products. Prompt your customers to buy from you.

Standard gift card, branded up for Valentine’s

You don't have to start from scratch. It might sound a little daft but anything as simple as renaming a card can boost your sales big time.

Anything from ‘Be my valentine?’ to ‘You look alright naked’, maybe even a ‘Sorry I kissed your sister, you guys look a lot alike. I love you Janet, please don't leave me’ can be really effective.

Normal gift card with insert

Your regular physical card. Add an insert. Boom - you have yourself a Valentine's card without the big upfront cost of whole new cards.

If you fulfil through Toggle, we can add in customised, branded inserts into the cards you’re already sending out to prompt further sales for the next big gifting events

- Ps. Check them out here.

(Pps. I love you.)

Discount / Specific Date range

You can create discounts that expire for a certain date. This can fuel quieter times and bring in more revenue!

This is because customers that visit with a gift card tend to spend more money than JUST the gift card value. They just need a reason to come and visit - hence giving them a reduced time to spend, may help you meet targets in quieter periods.

Gift card + small free gift

Do you have merch or retail items lying around, left over from christmas? The first gifting day is the time to shift these.

Merchandise and gift cards can go hand in hand, selling a sort of little bundle. Not only does this bring in customers to store, but it can help boost your brand recognition and result in you being a customer's favourite new place to eat and drink!

For Airship:

Think about buying a gift for someone in your life. Anyone. Difficult, right? Well, it’s not just you - literally everyone faces this problem. You have power to prompt people in your universe, in order to let them know what they could give to someone else.

Simply start with sending out an email to your database, with details of what you’ve got on offer for Valentine’s! Include images and links to really get their imaginations going. You may even have a Valentine's folder in your Airship that just needs updating.

Why not approach the people who visited for Valentine's previously and send them a Toggle voucher within an email for a free bottle of bubbles? This can trigger a fond memory, reminding them how enjoyable their last visit was, followed by the incentive of free alcohol!

Here is a couple of emails from previous years to see what other Airshippers did:

You have a month ahead to get the word out about what you're doing for Valentine's day! Play the music. Light the lights. Get the mood just right for some romancing. If you need any help setting up, consider us as your love doctor.