May 12, 2022

Tortilla: Make Texting Sexy Again

Tortilla: Make Texting Sexy Again

We’re bringing sexting* back… 

…*or what we mean to say, is we are going to Make Texting Sexy Again. Can someone embroid that onto a red cap? 

What was the goal? 

SMS marketing is making a reboot. Airship has launched its new rate of 3.5p per text, and one of the first campaigns to try it out was by Tortilla! The 65+ location burrito brand ran a 2-for-1 on burritos for Valentine’s Day, and saw huge success! The following text was delivered to 4076 people: 

What were the results? 


With 4076 successful deliveries (out of the 4427 sent), we saw a 92% rate of SMS delivery for this particular campaign; which we can already consider a success. 

Why is this? Well, there's many reasons why Tortilla had a high delivery rate, but a key driver for this is because most people tend to keep one phone number for life. You get a new contract, you simply move your number across to the new phone, right? This provides SMS marketing with a whole new longevity! 


Now, turn your eyes to the clicks. A total of 1276 clicks from the 4076 Tortilla delivered texts gives a great 31% click rate - key stats to focus on for marketers using CRM. 

As if it couldn't get better, right? ‘Unique clicks’ is what we call it when someone outside your database shares the message and they click on the link. 648 unique clicks happened on a single one of Tortilla’s promotions, meaning they managed to get into the mind, and potentially stomach, of 648 NEW customers. If a burrito costs around £7, that means the revenue this SMS promotion could have brought in, could be £4,536 from new customers alone. 

Annie O’Donoghue, Tortilla’s Digital Marketing Manager, has said ‘We have been working with Airship for 2 years and use the platform for both automated and campaign focused emails. We decided to trial using SMS for our 2-for-1 Valentine’s Day campaign as an

additional prompt on the day, to drive traffic and purchases in-store. The SMS campaign had an impressive click-through rate of 30.84% and is definitely something we will be incorporating in our future campaign launches’’ 

It's important that you don't take this as a sign to stop email marketing. Email marketing is the heart of hospitality engagement: we are seeing more businesses email marketing on Airship than ever before. It builds a cycle of rich data, for you to utilise on a daily basis and drive visits. BUT, if email is the heart, then SMS is…the pancreas? Or the liver? Or something? 

Okay, the metaphor could do with some work, but you get what we mean - omnichannel engagement is undefeated and indestructible.

Okay, that’s a wrap.