July 27, 2022

Tortilla: This Time, It's Personal

Tortilla: This Time, It's Personal

It’s 2022, and pretty much everyone knows someone who is either: vegetarian, vegan, gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, flexitarian or absolutely terrified of onions. 

That’s why Tortilla, the California burrito brand, have enlisted the help of Airship and Wireless Social to inject a dose of diet-based personalisation into their email and SMS communications.

How did it begin?

Wireless Social’s ‘Micro Surveys’ allow hospitality operators to serve up a short survey to their guests during the WiFi sign-in process. With a high completion rate, Micro Surveys are a successful primary research source. This is due to a couple of factors:

Firstly, with the customer being present in the venue at the time, they’re incentivised by free WiFi. 

Secondly, they're more likely to complete this survey at the beginning of their visit to a venue. This means that it’s best to ask questions pointed at direct market research, or lead generation rather than feedback on service.

Finally, being present also means you are not sending a follow-up, delayed email, and the customer has less ability to become distracted or disinterested from your brand. 

Tortilla built a fantastic ‘Micro Survey’ with Wireless Social, that resulted in a great new stream of data-flow into their business. With a survey type choice of; star-rating, written answer or multiple choice answers,Tortilla went for the multiple choice option. The diet options presented to guests were simple - ‘I eat anything’, ‘Vegetarian’, ‘Vegan’ or ‘Flexetarian’.

These answers were then funnelled into segmented groups on Tortilla’s Airship account. Airship, the Hospitality CRM, offers hospitality operators the chance to send automated SMS and email communications to segmented marketing demographics. 

Whilst most Airshippers create segments for, location and PoP (Airship’s very own metric where you can learn how often a customer is visiting you); Tortilla created additional segments within the platform to categorise based dietary requirements, feeding the data in from Wireless Social. True innovators, these guys are the first to do this (to our knowledge). 

It’s completely changed their marketing approach. Now, they can communicate directly and specifically with groups,  meaning when Tortilla launch a new menu, product, dish or promotion - they are ready to fire out personalised communications to the relevant group. Launching a new vegan burrito? They have vegan HQ on speed dial. Guilt-free Friday? The flexitarians finally have somewhere to shamelessly enjoy meat! Veggie-burrito promo? They can drop all the veggies in their database a text or email in under 30-minutes!

This is the perfect example of the power that comes with integrated tech ecosystems. Our partnership with Wireless Social has proven, yet again, how successful email marketing campaigns can drive brand loyalty and therefore, revenue. It is the age of personalisation, and Tortilla are truly using tech to drive forward, and tailor communications.

Tortilla’s Digital Marketing Manager, Annie O’Donoghue, has said ‘The microsurvey feature has really helped us to collect rich data and further segment our email database, ensuring we are creating relevant and engaging content for our customers.’

Additionally, thanks to Airship’s integrations, Tortilla can incentivise visits via gift cards. When you integrate the two platforms, operators can automatically issue a £5 monetary gift card within an email. This will pull people into venues and open the floodgates on your additional revenue streams!

Big shout to Annie, Tortilla’s Digital Marketing Manager , for using our platforms with such genius! We can not wait to see how the emails continue to pull in the vegetarians, vegans, anyone who is lactose intolerant, flexitarians, those who eat everything, and those who are absolutely terrified of onions.