November 29, 2021

What is PoP?

What is PoP?

What is PoP?

Airship stands out as the leading Hospitality CRM  for a variety of reasons. As well as being purely hospitality-focused, it’s supported by a dedicated customer success team who themselves stem from the sector. It’s #BudgetProof, so charge based on a location rather than size of list, and finally, it’s got over 40 integrations with platforms that operators use every day to manage the customer experience. We unify that data and bring it to life, we call it PoP.  But… What is PoP? Good question!

PoP is Proof of Presence. It is the way we translate your customer data into loyalty metrics that enable you to understand who, when, where, and how often your customers visit your locations.

PoP takes all the metrics from your existing data points (WiFi, booking, loyalty, feedback, voucher + others) that demonstrate that a customer has made a visit (or purchase) We then use the email or mobile or address as the unique identifier to deduplicate that information, to tell you all sorts of stuff about the visiting habits of your customers..

Importantly, what we know is that around 35% of your revenue comes from just 5% of your customers. We can tell you who those 5% of customers are.

Why is this important?

  1. Decrease the percentage of customers visiting only once or twice. 
  2. Understand who your most valuable customers are.
  3. Understand who is truly loyal - especially across operators with multiple locations.

Getting a customer to visit just once more than normal can have a huge increase in profitability. . There's nothing quite like customer loyalty, folks. 

That is why we have segmented your customers into a simple and accessible framework, in order to understand how you can market, engage and communicate to various customer types. A customer's behaviour will determine which category they lie in:  Prospect, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum or Lapsed. 

PoP's Customer Segmentation

Now you can build campaigns based on PoP. Target and automate  campaigns via email and SMS to encourage the movement between PoP segments, in hopes to drive them into the next segment, fuelling them to reach Platinum.

So PoP is our evolution on loyalty, not just recognising customers within a loyalty program, it takes into account ALL your data feeds and gives you a true understanding of the customers that deliver you the most revenue. 

'The reason we are using Toggle & Airship is because they offer a fully integrated solution … allowing us to create a state of the art marketing hub for our hospitality business that can rival that of our much larger competitors.’ - Ross Allsop - Head of Growth Marketing at Coach House Inns & Dancing Moose.