January 17, 2023

Your guide to 2023's Hospitality Events

Your guide to 2023's Hospitality Events

Hospitality conferences & networking events are  pretty special occasions . We should know - we attend almost all of them. 

2023 will be no different. We are looking forward to another year of catching all our favourite faces at the parties that we disguise as conferences, study tours, award shows and Expos. 

And because we’d love to see our favourite faces (yours), we wanted to give you a list for all the events we know are happening over next year!


23rd - 25th - RMI Conference & the 30 under 30 Awards

25th - RMI Awards - Awards Evening


7th - KAM leased & tenanted spotlight

7th Feb - Leased & Tenanted Spotlight 2023

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1st - MA’s Generation Next 

1st - UKH’s Workforce 

2nd - MA Leaders Club

7th -  MA’s The 2022 Food to Go Conference

08th - 09th ScotHot

14th - UKH Networking Dinner

14th - Retailers’ Retailer Awards

20th - 22nd  - Hotel, Restaurant & Catering 

20th - 22nd The Pub Show 2023

23rd - Propel Multi Club 

25th - 28th Propel’s Las Vegas Study Tour 

29th March - Publican Awards 2023


1st - MA Hostech

24th - 26th MA & The Grocer’s The UK Food & Drink Shows 2022


1st - MA’s Leaders Club

17th May - Competitive Socialising “The Power of Play 2023”

20th -23th - National Restaurant Show (USA) 


Industry Golf Day: May/June

14th - Propel’s Summer Conference

20th - National Restaurant Awards

28th - MA’s The Pub Conference 

29th - Propel Multi Club

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The KAM Lo & No: June/Jul TBC


6th - UKH’s Golf Day


We couldn't find any events for August (which makes us incredibly sad inside.) If you know any, get in touch with sam.brown@airship.co.uk and he’ll be there with bells on. 

1st - MA’s Leaders Club

1st - MA’s The Restaurant Conference 

2nd - Low2NoBev Show

6th - Propel’s Multiclub

18th -19th - The Hotel Summit 

 27th - 28th - Casual Dining Show


1st - Great British Pub Awards 2023

1st - MA’s Generation Next

2th - 4th - The Restaurant Show

LTC Gala Dinner and Awards: 5th of October

10th -11th - Restaurant & Bar Tech Live


16-17th - Independent Hotel Show

Competitive Socialising “The Awards” Oct TBC


16th - Propel Multiclub

TBC - Peach 20/20

TBC - Destination Hotel, Resort & Spa Showion Centre

TBC - R200 Events by William Reed

The BII, People conference and National innovation and Training Awards: NOV: 16th of November


TBC - UKH Christmas Lunch

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