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Airship x Datahawks

It's time to take flight with data

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Airship and DataHawks go hand in hand.

We know Tech. They know Data. Read here, to find out how we are helping hospitality businesses smash their customer messaging (through a brand new outsourced CRM management service!) 😁

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About the partnership

Data and marketing go hand in hand. We have paired with DataHawks so that our Airshippers and Togglers can benefit from a  partnership that helps put the power of data, into their tech usage.

This partnership will benefit hospitality marketers in several ways. As well as an outsourced managed CRM, there will be thought leadership blogs, online training calls ( Airship’s Flight Plans) and case studies, showcasing how our joint clients have mastered customer messaging through our campaign. 

Victoria Searl, DataHawks CEO, has said;

“Segmented and personalised emails are one of the key drivers of measurable and predictable success and our partnership with Airship enables us to help more marketing teams across the sector, by quickly getting into the data to shape CRM strategy and deliver business changing results - without adding additional headcount or putting more pressure on over-stretched teams”’

A dynamic team of analytics and marketing experts, expertise in the hospitality and retail industries, that strive to bring the sector tangible campaign ideas backed by proof of presence data, in order to  attract the customers that are genuinely valuable to them.

Airship is 'The Hospitality CRM'. We help hospitality business collect and organise valuable data, and then build automated tailored email journeys, in order to bring more guests into venue and boost revenue.

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